We have finished our UNICAC mobility under W.P. 3.7.2. PILOT TESTING

In the framework of UNICAC project IET welcomes partners from Tashkent University of Information Technologies. Staff of TUIT will have mobility actions under UNICAC W.P. 3.7.2. PILOT TESTING. According to mobility agenda our guests were welcomed by the authorities of the IET. After, there was organized a roundtable at the International Center and Global Engagement office with Dalerjon Mirpochoev – the Deputy Director on Research and International Affairs and Saidqosim Mukhtorov – the Head of the ICGE. The main topic of discussion was about strengthening partnership between the HEIs, which is one of the important goals in the framework of UNICAC. Also Saidqosim Saidosimovich conducted a presentation about IET TSUC to our gusts from Uzbekistan. Follow us to be aware about other sessions of the mobility.

The second day of the mobility under UNICAC project started with the presentation about the activity of the International Center and Global Engagement of IET by the Head of ICGE – Saidqosim Saidosimovich. He presented information about students and staff mobility in the framework of the several programs like UNICAC, Erasmus+ ICM and etc. It is important to note that the curve of mobility performed by IET is growing vertically and in 2022 there has been organized more than 30 mobilities, this number is expected to be increased by the end of the year. The mobility staff of TUIT were excited and liked the activity of the ICGE very much. Straight after it, our guests expressed a wish to visit IET Acceleration of Digital Business center and there was organized a tour.

According to the agenda there was a planned lecture about telecommunications by Professor Ahmad Yusupov from TUIT. Professor has told about the history of telecommunications, its perspectives and implementation. The lecture was conducted very interesting and students were very active in discussion.

The 3rd and 4th days of the mobility there was held a roundtable with Information Technology department and the actual topic of the conversation was about information technology opportunities for partnership and potential projects. During the conversation two parties have identified some common points and decided to strengthen collaboration on information technology sphere.

Also there was conducted a lecture on Artificial Intelligence by lecturer from TUIT – Askaraliev Odilbek. As artificial intelligence is fast growing industry there is a rising interest among the youth of our country. Thus, the lecture was very informative and practical.

According to the agenda there were organized 3 lectures by IET TSUC professors in the fields of financial math, and on topics about “The independence of Tajikistan, post – soviet epoch, civil war” and “Internationalization of Tajik philosophy and science in the past”. Straight after that, Professor Ahmed Yusupov led a lecture on nanotechnologies and students actively participated.

The last day of the mobility was mostly busy by attending the lectures. Staff of the IET has organized two lectures on information technologies about programming language Pascal and C++. Our dear guests from TUIT were given their mobility certificates by the Head of IET ICGE – Saidqosim Mukhtorov. Professor Ahmed Yusupov expressed his deepest appreciation to IET TSUC staff for hosting them in the framework of the UNICAC W.P. 3.7.2. PILOT TESTING. Both authorities of IET TSUC and TUIT agreed in opinion that the end of the mobility is the beginning of more tight partnership between the HEIs.  

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