Department of the educational part

From 2000 to 2008, the post of deputy director on the educational part of the Commercial College and the Unified Educational Complex of the University was held by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor Komarova Galina Borisovna. In 2010, IET TSUC was organized on the basis of a single educational complex of the TSUC and the Tajik Tax Institute. Since 2008-2012, this post was conferred to Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Ganieva Nazira Rahimberdievna. Since 2012, post of deputy director for the educational part, Candidate of Philology, associate professor of Akhrolova Gulchehra Usmonova successfully conducts her professional activities.

The department for educational work and culture includes the following structures:

Council of War and Labor Veterans
Council of Women and Girls
Board of Trustees
Sports sector
Youth Organization
Trade union
Student’s dormitory
Medical centre of the Institute

The main directions of conducting educational work with students are based on the National Concept of Education in the Republic of Tajikistan and are built on the following elements:

  • ideological education;
  • respect for the history of ancestors and national self-esteem;
  • national education;
  • ethical and moral education;
  • raising patriotism;
  • labor and vocational education;
  • economic education;
  • juridical education;
  • education;
  • education of responsibility;
  • physical education;
  • ecological education;
  • propaganda of healthy lifestyle;
  • humanitarian education;
  • aesthetic education;
  • political education;
  • teaching critical thinking;
  • education of tolerance and patience.

         The implementation of training modules and the list of educational activities for the academic year at the Institute of Economics and Trade TSUC was developed and approved by the educational program. In particular, the plan for educational work at the faculties of Economics and Innovative Technologies, Commerce, Customs and Law, Finance and Accounting, the institute’s hostel, the trade union, the Council of Girls and Women, the Youth Union, the Veterans Council, the sports sector and the library was prepared, approved and put into operation.

The Institute of Economics and Trade of TSUC stresses the importance of training specialists in high-level patriotism, national self-esteem, self-awareness and the pride of ancestors. Department of Culture and Education is the internal composition of the Institute on the basis of the Institute’s Charter and its provisions.

The Department of Culture and Education consists of 6 people: the deputy director for educational work, the manager of the department of culture and education, the art director and manager of the club, the expert on cultural enlightenment, the specialist in education and the secretary. In order to implement the national concept of education of the curriculum in the Republic of Tajikistan, the necessary measures are taken by the employees of the department and are monitored in the classrooms.Employees of the department take concrete measures to improve the ethics of students, their discipline, professional ethics, respect for national values, raise awareness about patriotism, comply with the rules and requirements of the state system and organize many cultural, ethical and political events. Students of the IET TSUC actively participate in all cultural and political events of the region and the city.

Department of Culture and Education is an independent body of the Institute. The head of the department of culture and education is a specialist in the field of culture Ahmedov Azamjon. In 2015, with the help of talented students, the team “Sadoi Javoni” was formed. This team consists of 15 gifted students, performed with a concert dedicated to historical events such as the Year of the Family, Culture and Flowers, National Unity, the State and Independence Day at the Youth Palace named after Loik Sherali. The institute organizes round tables, conferences, seminars and cultural programs for National Army Day, International Navruz Day, Victory Day, Youth Day, National Unity Day, Independence Day, Constitution Day, Flag Day.