About department Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences started its activity in 1996 as department of general educational subjects. On the basis of Single educational unit which was formed same year, by decision of Scientific Board of TSUC under college of commerce. A clear goal was set, to prepare not only high educated person in trade and public catering, but also a comprehensively developed person with high sense of responsibility, culture.
The first head of the department from 1996 was candidate of physicо-mathematical sciences Jabborov Usmonhoja Ahmadjonovich. He as a scientist and teacher, skillfully organized and directed the activity of lecturers of the department to solve the problems of training highly qualified personnel.
At the beginning of activity the department was a multi-profile. Lecturers of the department taught students the basics of such general subjects as Mathematics, Tajik, Russian, English, History of Tajik people, ecology, the concepts of modern natural science, physical culture. Gained knowledge in these fields of science subsequently formed the foundation of professional knowledge in the chosen major.
With the expansion of SEC of TSUC, first of all, with the increase in the number of students and the need to activate the educational aspect of educational process, it was decided to divide the department. From the department of general educational subjects, department of Mathematics and department of Foreign languages were separated. The newly formed department named “Social Sciences” was headed by Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Toatov H.S. He headed the department from 1997 to 2002. During these years, under the guidance of Toatov H.S. the department was formed as a scientific unit of the SEC of TSUC.
From 2003 to 2005 the department was headed by candidate of Philosophy, Docent Mirboboev M.K. Under his management the department achieved success in educational, teaching, methodological and research activities. Lecturers Tursunov F.A. and Johnnazarova D.Kh. successfully defended candidate dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Philosophy.
In 2006, emerged a need for staff rotation, and the department was headed by c.p.s. Tursunov F.A., who is an active member of People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan.
Since October 2015, the department is headed by Excellent Student of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan, a member of People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan, Doctor of Philosophy, Solidzhonov Rasuljon.

Purpose of the department

The activity of the department is aimed at training highly qualified personnel that meets need of the modern labor market, professionals with profound knowledge and skills, education and formation of a spiritually and physically healthy person with a broad outlook, a high level of national self-knowledge and patriotism, who are deeply aware of history and culture of Tajik people.