Department of Higher Mathematics and Innovation Technologies

Department of Higher Mathematics and Innovation Technologies was created on the basis of department “Social Sciences” and “Economy and Entrepreneurship” and conducts its activity from 25th of October, 2004. The first head of the department was senior scientist, Gafforova A.G.
From September, 2016 the head of the department is docent Sharipov A.K.
Sharipov Abdurahim Kodirovich – mathematician,, in 1980 graduated with honors National State University, the faculty of mechanics and mathematics.
From 1997 to 2000 Sharipov A.K. worked as Senior Lecturer of the Department of Social sciences in TSUC.  From 2000 to 2016 he conducted his professional activity as docent of the department “Economy and Entrepreneurship” and “Higher Mathematics and Innovation Technologies”. From August, 2016 till present time he is the head of the department.
In 1990 he defended his dissertation on theme: “Several nondestructive problems of gasification process with oscillation” in Special Board of Federal university of Academy of Sciences in Russian Federation under management of Chushkin P.I.
Sharipov is author of more than 45 scientific works and education materials.
He is part of Democratic Party of Tajikistan from 2010.
Excellent worker of Consumer Union of Tajikistan from 2009
The Department specializes and prepares following majors «40010202-Technology and information systems» and «250112 —Economic informatics».
On aforementioned specialties on basis of State standard of higher education, working and educational plans are created.
In accordance with administrative decision of the institute, the department is responsible in teaching subjects on information systems, higher mathematics in accordance with working plans (syllabus). The process of education is conducted in fully agreement with credit system.
The educational internship of students is conducted in scientific and technical base of the department. According to the working plan, within two weeks after the tests, examinations and summer sessions for specialties 250112 and 40010202 educational internship on informatics is conducted according to the approved Collection of laboratory works.
This collection has exercises and tasks with economic content.
Industrial internship is conducted with agreement of secondary and higher educational institutions of Sogd region, for specialty 4010202, mainly it is organized in banking institutions, on basis of contracts drawn up between institution and organization.
Teaching staff of the department

There are 20 full time and 3 part time workers. Including 5 candidates of sciences, 2 docents, 8 senior lecturers, 10 assistants, 8 young professors, who are under age of 35.