Department of “Economics and Entrepreneurship”

Head of the Department

  Head of the department “Economics and Entrepreneurship”, candidate of economic science, Ishonova Umedakhon Usmonjonovna

History of the Department

The Department of “Economics and Entrepreneurship”, was created in 2002. At that time the Head of the Department was c.e.s., docent Karimov G.Y. From 2008 the Head of the Department is c.e.s., professor Komarova G.B.

The mission of the Department: graduation of fundamentally trained, creative thinking, competitive specialists in the field of economics with the ability to adapt to constantly changing conditions, conducting scientific research in a wide sector of areas, promoting their results in the market for scientific publications and integrating their activities into the scientific research network.

Main tasks of the Department:

  1. Preparation of highly qualified personnel with deep theoretical knowledge, skills, and abilities for the sectors of the national economy.
  2. Organization of the educational process in the disciplines of the department by modern requirements for the content of educational materials and teaching methods.
  3. Application of the latest pedagogical technologies, computer technology, forms, and methods of active and interactive learning in the educational process.
  4. Ensuring an organic connection between the educational and scientific activities of the department. Implementation of educational tasks for the formation of the personality of a modern specialist through the content of the main educational program.
  5. Creation of conditions for individual work of students, the formation of students’ creative thinking, the ability to work in a team, the development of analytical skills, communication competencies, tolerance, the need for self-study.
  6. Organization of scientific and methodological work of the teaching staff of the department, aimed at providing methodological support for the academic disciplines taught by the department.
  7. Improvement of business qualifications and pedagogical skills of the teaching staff of the department, as well as teaching and auxiliary personnel, etc.

Specialty and areas of training

There are 32 academic disciplines at the department:

• Enterprise economics;
• Trade economics;
• Economic analysis;
• The economy of consumer cooperation;
• Statistics;
• Econometrics
• Fundamentals of entrepreneurship, etc.

The department, being one of the representative departments of the IET TSUC, prepares specialists majoring in 25010700 – “Economics and management at the enterprise” at full-time and part-time education.

Educational and methodical work of the department

The main task of the methodological work at the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship is to raise the level of pedagogical skills and professional qualifications of the teaching staff.

Methodical work is carried out on the basis of the department’s work plans, methodical seminar of the department, individual plans of professors compiled for the academic year. Methodical work of the department is coordinated by the Methodical Council (headed by c.e.s, Associate Professor Umarov Z.Kh., Senior Lecture Alieva G.I.) and subject commissions.

The educational and methodological activities of the department are carried out according to the plan. Syllabuses for subjects assigned to the department, lecture texts, tests for the first and second midterm controls and electronic test assignments for the final exam, educational multimedia materials (slides) are developed. The open lessons, the exchange of experience, the study of teaching methods is carried out through mutual visits to the classes of teachers.

The teaching staff of the department annually produces educational and methodological complexes, teaching aids, a workshop (practical lesson), tasks for students’ individual work, and albums of visual aids. Methodological reports of teachers on the use of active and interactive methods in conducting a lesson of economic disciplines are reviewed monthly.

Scientific work of the department

Research activity at the department is one of the main ways of developing the personnel potential of the teaching staff and the main source of replenishing the institute with young scientific and teaching staff. All teachers of the department carry out research work. Its results are reported annually at international and interuniversity conferences, also published in scientific journals.

Educational work of the department

At the forefront of the educational work of the department are the goal of educating students in an active life position on the traditions and customs of the Tajik people, a sense of patriotism, and civic duty.

The main directions of educational work at the department are the following:

– ideological;
– labor activity;
– moral;
– aesthetic;
– legal, etc.

The main tasks of educational work:

1. To achieve a steady increase in students’ performance and the quality of knowledge, to develop a positive attitude towards the chosen specialty;
2. Ensure active participation in labor, social and political work;
3. Conducting individual work with students, etc.

The composition of the department


c.e.s., professor Komarova G. B.

c.e.s., docent Umarov Z.Kh

c.e.s., docent Hodiboev A

c.e.s., docent Nabieva A.Y

Senior teacher, Rahmonkhujaev F

Senior teacher, Alieva G.I

c.e.s., Karimova I.I. Senior teacher, Buzurukova S.F.

Senior teacher, Juraev J.B,


Senior teacher, Ahmedova Z.A.


 assistant Juraeva N.A


assistant Mirmuhammedova M


assistant Aminova F.M

assistant Fayzieva A.T

assistant Gadoyboeva N.B


From the life of the department


Videoconference on the development of curricula for academic disciplines “Statistics”, “Accounting, analysis, and audit”. Participants: Johanna Lahti, Jyrki Innanen and Anu Lindstrem (Finland) and Komarova Galina Borisovna, Aminov Inomdzhon Aminovich, Zhuraev Zh.B., etc.

Organization of a round table by the faculty of the department on the topic: “State, problems, and prospects for the development of entrepreneurship in the Republic of Tajikistan”, with the participation of the head of the department of property and state support for entrepreneurship in the Sughd region Sh.N. Akhmedov, representative of the tax committee of the Sughd region S. Shermatov, Head of the Department of Science and Innovation Associate Professor Kamolov F. A; Head of the Department Professor Komarova G.B., etc.

Speech by the head of the Department of Property and State Support of Entrepreneurship of the Sughd Region Akhmedov Sh. N.

Seminar (videoconference) on the topic: “Methodological approaches to the development of curricula in the disciplines” Enterprise Economics “,” Business Planning “and” Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship “together with the Head of the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship of St. Petersburg State University, Doctor of Economics, Professor E.V. Yaluner.

In October-November 2020, the department held a student Olympiad in economic disciplines, which was attended by more than 25 students. According to the results of the Olympiad, V. Boboev (4th-year student of the specialty 25010700r) took first place, D. Yuldosheva (3rd-year student of the specialty 25010407r) took second place, and the third-place was rewarded to Ashrapov F. (3rd-year student of the specialty 25010407r).


Awarded by the Chairman of the region Kohir Rasulzoda of the badge “Honored Worker of Consumer Cooperatives”, an excellent student of Public Education Komarova G.B

Medal presentation  “90 years of consumer cooperation of the Republic of Tatarstan” by the Chairman of Tajikmatlubot S.Kh. Valiev

Khodiboev A – awarded with the Order of the Badge of Honor, awarded the honorary title of Honored Worker of Tajikistan. Nabieva A.Ya. – awarded with the badges “Excellent worker of public education”, diplomas of the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Tatarstan

F. Rakhmonkhuchaev – awarded with the badge “Excellent worker of consumer cooperation”, “Excellent worker of public education”, diplomas of the Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Tatarstan

Zhuraev Zh.B – marked with the badge “Excellence in consumer cooperation”, a medal from the “Grateful Afghan people”, a medal “Warrior – internationalist”

Now c.e.s., Ishanova U.U, c.e.s., Niyozov J, c.e.s., Dzhuraeva Z.A, c.e.s., Azimi Azamat, c.e.s., Karimova I.I., c.e.s., Yokubova N.Y., c.e.s., Pulotova U, c.e.s., Sadykova G. I, Ph.D. c.e.s.,Gadoiboeva Sh and others have defended their dissertations on the profile of the department and received diploms.

Books and educational-methodical complexes of teaching staff:

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  2. Komarova G.B., Fayzieva A.T., Dzhuraeva N.A. Enterprise economics. The list of practical classes for individual work of students., 2020
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  5. Komarova G.B., Ishanova U.U. The theory of statistics. Tutorial. Khujand-2017
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  12. Komarova G.B., Rahimova Y. Trade of economics. Khujand-2020 and others.