In accordance with permission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan no. 3661 from November 9, 2015, IET TSUC offers Master studies in 8 specialties. The list of specializations is attached to the table below.

Master studies

Name of specialties
1 25.01.04 – Finance and credit
2 25.01.08 – Accounting, analysis and audit
3 25.01.07 – Economics and Enterprise Management
4 25.01.03 – World economy
5 -Technology and information systems (in economics)
6 96.01.01 – Customs Service
7 24.01.03 – Economic rights
8 26.02.02 – Management

The educational plan for Master studies includes:

-subjects of the current specialization in the preparation of Masters;

– special subjects for the preparation of Masters;

– research and scientific work of Masters;

– final state certification of Masters.

All those interested in Master’s program, must submit following documents:

– a personal statement addressed to the rector, indicating the master’s program and its specialization;

– Diploma of higher professional education with official appendix;

– recommendation from the state attestation commission for admission to Master program;

– other documents confirming scientific, educational and methodical works, knowledge of foreign languages, IT skills,  copy of scientific articles, etc.

In the 2016-2017 academic year, 163 students studied in Master degree program in 8 specialties.