About department Tajik and Russian Languages

The department was created on the basis of Languages department in 2010. Educational subjects of the department consist of Russian and Tajik languages, Pedagogy and Psychology. In 1999-2008 head of the department (where Arabic and English languages were taught) was c.ph.s., Docent Abdulloev K.R.

From 2008 to 2015 c.ph.s., Docent Rakhmatova S.A. was head of the department. From October, 2015 the department is headed by c.ph.s. Docent Boboev S.S.

One of the main activities of professors of Tajik and Russian languages ​​department is teaching students state language, developing the culture of eloquence, enriching vocabulary of students in the specialty, inculcating a culture of professional ethics, awakening interest in reading fiction and periodicals, as well as studying the grammar of the Russian language, familiarization with the basics of modern science of linguistics and development of a professional world view of future specialists.

At the department research work is conducted by doctoral student and 2 candidates.

Ganieva N.R. conducts scientific research on the topic “Psycholinguistic aspects of the axiological language image of the world.”

Holshekhova S.A. – researcher of KSU named after B.Gafurov – works under the supervision of PhD Professor Khasanova A.A. on the topic “Features of the use of Tajik words in the Old Russian language (XI-XIV centuries).”

Senior teacher Shermatova Sh.M. also is a researcher of KSU named after B.Gafurov, conducts research work on the topic “Non-equivalent vocabulary in the translation of works of Russian and Tajik writers.”