Disciplines of the department “Finance and Credit”

The volume of educational activity of the department in 2015-2016 was 17 732 hours. The department has 26 obligatory subjects and 22 elective subjects.
Publications of scientists of the department in 2015:
Khotamova B.Kh. “Three hundred questions and answers on money turnover, credit, banking”.
Ismailova D.M., Turakulova L.T. “Educational and methodological guidance”, a collection of tests and questions on finances.
Ismoilova D.M. “Educational-methodical manual (a collection of tests) on the subject Finance.”
Turakulova L. T. “Finances of Enterprises”, Education.
Abdukhamidova G.M. “Regulation and control of currency” / educational-methodical complex / Khujand.
Khotamova B. Kh., Ahmedov K. A. “Collection of questions on the organization of the activities of National Bank and commercial banks” Khujand.
Khafizova R.A., Abdurashidova M.A. Banking / education. Khujand, “Davron”.
Ismailova D.M. «Methodical guidance on pre-diploma practice for graduates of the department».
Khafizova R.A. “Methodical guide on writing course work in Banking, for students of specialization Finance and credit and Banking.
Khafizova R.A. Methodical recommendations for coursework in “Banking” and “Bank Accounting”, for students of specialty “Finance and credit” (full-time and part-time form of study).
Khafizova R. “Methodical recommendations for writing diploma works, for graduates of specialty “Finance and credit” and “Banking”.
Muminova N.R. “A guide to coursework in Finance, money circulation and credit.”
Muminova N.R. “Educational and methodical guidance (a collection of tests and tasks) in finance, money circulation and credit.”
Khafizova R.A. “Methods of teaching (testing problems and test questions) from banking”.
Salimova M.M. “Education-methodical guidance (collection of tasks) on Taxation of industrial enterprises”.

It should be noted that all the necessary conditions have been created at the department to improve the quality of education. All classrooms are equipped with modern technologies: electronic boards, projectors, computer technologies. The department pays special attention to scientific research. The main goal of the department’s research is to study development issues of the system of Republic of Tajikistan. Scientists of the department: Rakhmatova Z.I., Khalimov I.M., Muminova N.R., Attaeva D.A., Abdurashidova M.A., Boboev F.M. – are engaged in research work.