IET TSUC announces the recruitment of students through the National Testing Center under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan.
The main goal of the Institute is practical implementation of recommendations and instructions of the Founder of Peace and National Unity – the Leader of Nation, the President of the country, respected Emomali Rahmon for the preparation of competitive specialists in the world labor market. With this aim, the Institute prepares future specialists on the basis of comprehensive training: a) professional economic and juridical knowledge; b) high level business communication in the labor market; c) modern innovative technologies; d) at least 3-4 foreign languages.

The State Educational Institution “Institute of Economy and Trade of Tajik State University of Commerce” was established in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan from February 12, 2010 No. 59 and became the owner of a license for the right to conduct educational activity (AU # 0001160 of November 8, 2012) and a certificate of state accreditation (IA 0000797 dated June 7, 2016) from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan.
234 lecturers work at IET TSUC, including 11 doctors of science, professors, more than 80 candidates of science and associate professors, as well as 6 masters of science.
More than 20 scientists teach disciplines in groups with English language of instruction. Among them there are lecturers from the USA Terence Drew, Vanessa Beari, Rebeca Viller, Sharon Saturns and Marcel Minutolo, from the People’s Republic of China Yang Xiaoyu.
Representatives of international organizations and lecturers from foreign universities shared their impressions and left their feedback about the Institute.
Patricia Veever – Carter is a permanent representative of the World Bank in the Republic:


Patricia Vivers-Carter is the permanent representative of the World Bank in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Communication with students of the Institute was very interesting, because during the lecture they demonstrated high level of knowledge and language skills. I gave a lecture for students specializing in world economy, finance and credit in the activities of the external economy, on the topic “The role of international financial institutions in solving economic problems of Tajikistan.” I was amazed at how students freely could express their thoughts in English, on the questions proposed to them..
The main purpose of the trip is first of all acquaintance with educational situation in the Institute of Economy and Trade, and I am very impressed by the level of knowledge of students in the economic sphere, as well as their level of English. We hope, in future, our  professors and students will participate in the FULBRIGHT program, as well as students and professors of  IET TSUC will come for exchange of experience.

Dr. Marcel Minutolo, a lecturer at the University of Robert Morris (USA).


In the register of Higher Educational institutions, created by the National Testing Center under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, the University is registered under the code 211 and abbreviation IET TSUC.

Code of Specialty


Form of education

Language of instruction in full-time

Language of instruction in part-time



Cluster 2 —Specialties in economics and geography

1 125010407

Finance and credit in foreign economic activity

+ + Tajik, English, Russian Tajik,  Russian
2 1250103 World Economy + + English, Russian Russian
3  12501081204 Accounting, analysis and audit + + Tajik, Russian Tajik, Russian
4 125010718

Economy and Enterprise Management

+ + Tajik, Russian Tajik
5 125010403 Tax and taxation + + Tajik, Russian Tajik
6 125010402 Banking + + Tajik, Russian Tajik
7 1960101 Customs + + Tajik, Russian Tajik
8 1260202 Management + + Tajik, Russian Tajik
9 1250112 Economic Informatics + + Tajik Tajik
10 140010202

Technology and information systems (in economy)

+ Tajik
11 127010116

Economics and organization of production (light industry)

+ Tajik
12 1260203 Маrketing + Tajik
13 1250109 Commodity research + + Tajik Tajik
14 125011004

Commerce in foreign market

+ + Tajik Tajik
15 1260101 Public administration + + Tajik Tajik
16 1250111

Audit and inspection

+ Tajik
17 1260201 Business administration + English

Cluster 4 – Specialty in sociology and jurisprudence

1 1240103 Economic Law + + Tajik,
2 124010104 International Commerce Law + Russian
3 124010302

Regulation of financial and tax law

+ Tajik

Abdulloeva Farangis,

a first-year student specializing in international commercial law.

After agitation and thorough acquaintance with IET TSUC, I decided that I would choose this university at the National Testing Center. And as I learned later, I made the right choice, I was very proud that I got into one of the most prestigious universities.
We got acquainted with university and its majors that are available, when the group of professors and students visited our school and gave full information about conditions and terms of admission to the institute, and also left us handouts for detailed information about the necessary information for admission.
After talking with parents, teachers and friends, I decided that I want to get my professional education at IET TSUC. I wanted to apply for the specialization “International Trade Law”, and today I’m glad that I have achieved my goal, and I have the opportunity to study here and to be the pride of my loved ones.

I regularly read articles about the ratings of the country’s universities, and when I found out that IET TSUC prepares best specialists in the labor market, where all conditions for studying languages are created, I have confidently chosen this one. It is an honor that I am a student of such university and study World economy in English. The high level of studying foreign languages ​​gave me the opportunity to present in 2017 the ENACTUS team in the UK. In the process of education students use electronic board and computers connected to the Internet, video telecommunications, audio and other educational materials. Of course, these conditions allow entrants to choose IET TSUC with confidence.

Normatov Iskandar,

a third-year student of the specialty of the world economy.

In recent years, IET TSUC has achieved a number of outstanding achievements, and now, it can provide following opportunities:

1. The Institute is fully integrated into the field of universal education and transferred to the credit system.
2. Currently, the institute focuses on English groups; permanent scientists and professors from European and American countries are invited into these groups.
3. Material and technical level of the Institute is high; the training is conducted in classrooms with interactive electronic boards, lecture halls and practical laboratories. 550 computers are connected to high-speed Internet. Students can use regular and electronic libraries, where there are more than 150,000 books, an auditorium with Internet connection with 50 modern computers, and a number of other possibilities.
4. At IET TSUC each student can study more than 3-4 foreign languages ​​at high level. With this aim, the Institute opened the “Innovation Center to study foreign languages”, where one can learn English, Russian, German, Arabic. For Chinese language there is “Center to study Chinese Language and Culture”.
5. The Center for Business Studies organizes continuous training programs for developing and compiling business plans, 1C accounting, modern computer technology and e-government, taxation, and waiter skills. In addition, there are technological Parks “Sewing modern clothes”, “Sughd regional medicine” and “Finance and business”.
6. The Institute is a member of ERASMUS MUNDUS, FULBRIGHT and TARGET II, ​​and also has partnerships with more than 60 universities in Europe, USA, Asia and CIS. Students have the opportunity to continue their studies in foreign countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, USA).
7. Participation in international student competition – ENACTUS. In recent years, ENACTUS team of the Institute has participated in international research competitions in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia 2011, Kangun – Mexico, UN – USA 2013, Beijing – China 2014, Toronto – Canada 2016, and raised our National flag. In 2017, ENACTUS team IET TSUC between 5 teams of higher education institutions won in the republican contest, and visited London to participate in the World Cup.
8. IET TSUC to preserve high quality education and knowledge of students, from year to year participates in the republican competition “Student and scientific and technical progress” between higher educational institutions of the republic and occupies one of three leading positions. Students participate in the Olympiad for the Cup of Academy Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan, and are annually awarded with honorary titles. The winners of the Olympiad have the opportunity to study on a free basis.
9. Annually, scholarships of the Chairman of Sughd region, the chairman of Tajikmatlubot Association, chairman of cities and districts, director of the institute, external and internal grants of the country – are given to successful students of the institute. This year, 13 undergraduates and 6 post-graduate students were awarded a scholarship from the chairman of Sughd region.
10. In the modern sports ground for students, competitions in volleyball, mini-football, basketball, tennis and other sports are regularly held. Professors and students use the modern gym “Fitness”, which disposes 14 types of exercise equipment, 4 tables for tennis and other sports equipment.
11. For the entrants courses are organized with participation of experienced lecturers. In addition, the Institute provides employment opportunities for graduates.
12. Buildings of the Institute (all auditoriums and offices) are heated during the onset of the cool season.

For additional information, please contact: Sugd region, Khujand city, I.Somoni avenue, 169
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