Disciplines of the department “Economics and Entrepreneurship”

Faculty “Innovative Economics and Innovation”
List of subjects of the department "Economics and Entrepreneurship"

1. Statistics
2. Financial and Bank Statistics
3. Theory of economic analysis (work program)
4. Fundamentals of entrepreneurship
5. Econometrics
6. Economy and organization of small business
7. The economy of trade and public catering
8. Economics of enterprise
9. Economic analysis
10. Investments
11. Analysis of financial and economic activities (work program)
12. Business-planning
13. Analysis of economic activity of the enterprise
14. Economy of consumer cooperation
15. Business planning
16. Regulation and remuneration of labor
17. The economy of trade
18. Comprehensive economic analysis (working program)
19. Economics and production organization at light industry enterprises
20. Economy of the state and local sectors
21. The strategy of market competition
22. Forecasting demand and offer
23. The economy of real estate
24. Organization of rationing and labor remuneration in trade
25. Economic assessment of investments

Head of the Department c.e.s., Professor Komarova G.B.