The Opening of China-Tajikistan Joint Digital Laboratory of Agriculture in Khujand

Following the developing of friendly relations between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Tajikistan due to the wise policy of state leaders, the Northwest Agriculture and Forest University (NWAFU) from Yangling, China and the Institute of Economy and Trade of TSUC (IET TSUC) from Khujand, Tajikistan are strengthening their cooperation.
On July 8th the delegation of the NWAFU led by the Rector Wu Pute was warmly welcomed by the Director of the IET TSUC Jalilzoda Abdurashit Abdukamol. The meeting started with the cultural fair organized by the IET TSUC to introduce the Tajik culture and traditions to Chinese colleagues.

Following the cultural fair, the opening ceremony of the China-Tajikistan Joint Digital Laboratory of Agriculture in Khujand was held, which was the main occasion of the agenda. Rector of the NWAFU Professor Wu Pute and the Director of the IET TSUC Associate Professor Jalilzoda Abdurashit Abdukamol made a tour to the Digital Laboratory. It should me mentioned that the joint laboratory consists of three units: Big Data Agriculture Laboratory, IoT Laboratory and E-Commerce Laboratory.

The goal of the Big Data Laboratory in the field of agriculture is to analyze and manage the “soil-crop-technique” interactions through advanced big data models. With “data calculation – virtual simulation – graphic display” scenarios and processes, it comprehensively promotes the solution of education and research related to agriculture. The laboratory is equipped with 24 high-performance computers, 1 graphic workstation, 1 3D printer, a number of numerical and printing machines, which contributes to the education of digital agriculture in Tajikistan.

The Agricultural IoT Laboratory is mainly focused on efficient cultivation of agricultural land, intelligent management of orchards and healthy breeding of livestock and poultry. It mainly carries out advanced theoretical research and industrial application of key technologies such as wide-ranging agricultural physiological information, reliable transmission of complex agricultural information, accurate agricultural production model and dynamic optimization decision making, Internet of Things system integration and intelligent services, and network and display services. provides programs to facilitate accurate and rational development of agriculture in Tajikistan. The laboratory is equipped with 12 sets of IoT integrated development boards and supporting sensors and 5 microscopes that can be used for analysis.

The agricultural products E-commerce Laboratory mainly focuses on the value creation and model innovation of agricultural e-commerce, intelligent logistics and supply chain of agricultural products e-commerce, and big data collaboration of agricultural e-commerce, and conducts research and development, service and transformation of common key technologies and core products in all aspects of agricultural products e-commerce such as commodities, orders, payment, logistics and promotion. It will provide strong technical support for agricultural modernization and new rural construction in Tajikistan. The laboratory is equipped with high performance computer workstation, complete audio and video recording equipment and lighting and sound management system.

After the opening ceremony, there was a delegation meeting on signing the memorandum of understanding between the NWAFU and IET TSUC. Both sides expressed readiness and excitement for the upcoming collaboration opportunities. The Rector of the NWAFU Professor Wu Pute was awarded a certificate of honorary professor of the IET TSUC and the Director of the IET TSUC was also honored to receive the professorship certificate of the NWAFU university.

At the end of the ceremony the leaders of the NWAFU and IET TSUC decided to plant a “tree of friendship” in the yard of the IET TSUC as a sign of lasting and fruitful partnership between the Higher Education Institutions and the friendly states. Professor Wu Pute and Associate Professor Jalilzoda Abdurashit Abdukamol expressed their intention that this partnership will be durable and bring huge socio-economic development for the community of the People’s Republic of China and Republic of Tajikistan.

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