Information technologies
Corporative database
Fundamentals of Algorithmization and Programming Languages
Finance Mathematics
Database management system
Computing machines, networks and telecommunication systems
Information technologies in economics

  1. 1. Designing information systems in the economy
  2. 2. Java programming language
  3. E -government
  4. PHP programming language
  5. Workshop VB 6
  6. Modeling of economic processes
  7. Information technologies in banking
  8. Workshop WEB-design
  9. Information systems in economics
  10. PHP and My SQL programming languages
  11. Concept of modern natural science
  12. Physics
  13. Automation of bank transactions
  14. Automation of tax authorities’ activities
  15. Mathematics in economics
  16. Organization of business in Internet
  17. Templateizer Smarty
  18. Programming in the Framework
  19. Development and application of applied programs package in the economy
  20. Development and application of applied programs package in banks
  21. Computer graphics
  22. MS Office software package
  23. Programming technology
  24. Information Technology Management
  25. Information systems of marketing
  26. Automated workplace of the accountant