Accounting, Analysis and Audit

The Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit, as an integral part of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting of the IET TSUC, began its activity as Accounting and Finance Department of the Unified Educational Complex of the TSUC in 1998. In the period of its activity, the department, on the basis of the decision of Board of Scientists of IET TSUC since September 1, 2010, by the order of the director of the Institute, was renamed as Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit.

From the moment of its activity, the head of the department from 1998 to 2001 was – Honored Worker of Consumer Cooperation of the Republic of Tajikistan, senior lecturer Tebloev Khazmat Sanakoyevich, from 2001 to 2010 – holder of an honorary badge of excellence in the field of education of the Republic of Tajikistan, Ph.D., Kurbanov Zamonali Kurbanovich, from 2010 to 2015 Candidate of Economic Sciences, Docent Qayumov A.A.

From December 2015 until today, the head of the department is the candidate of economic sciences, Sharipova Mavzuna Narzulloevna.

Staff of the department of Accounting, analysis and audit consist of 24 lecturers, 16 of which are full-time, 4 of them are internal part-time workers, 3 external part-time workers and 1 laboratory assistant.

In addition, the faculty includes 2 associate professors, 2 – Ph.D., 6 – senior teachers and 6 assistants.

Professors of the department Accounting, analysis and audit for training students and training specialists who meet the requirements of the labor market, teach professional disciplines in accounting and other fields of specialization, which in general make up more than 30 disciplines.