Monitoring Department

The department Monitoring and education quality control — is integral part of the IET TSUC. It was established on 01.09.2010, under No. 03/53. By the decree of the rector of IET, as head of the department was appointed associate professor Solichonov R., associate professor Umarov Z. as senior specialist, Biryukova L.V. and Abdukadyrova S.- as specialists of the department.







Since October 2015 Rakhmonov Sh.A. was appointed as head of the department, associate professor Mashokirov Sh.U. as senior specialist, associate professor Biryukova L.V. – as specialist of the department.







The basis for the implementation of the activities of the Monitoring department is message and speech of the founder of national unity – the leader of the nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, respected Emomali Rahmon. As President of the Republic noted in his address to Majlisi Oli and Majlisi Namoyandagon on December 22, 2016: “To improve the quality of education, at all levels, especially in the field of higher education, it is necessary to pay special attention not to the quantity but to the quality of education and to train specialists qualifying modern requirements”.
The department of Monitoring and education quality control for the future activity sets itself the following priorities:
In 2011-2020 implementation of quality control program and innovation development program of the Republic of Tajikistan.
Monitoring implementation state programs, organizing and conducting practical training, exercising IWS by students and other teaching materials at the faculties;
Supervision and evaluation of the activities of the departments on the organization and conduct of industrial internships and training.
Monitoring the process of equipping students with educational materials, books and manuals.
Participation in the lectures and development of analysis of the lessons.
Control over the activity of professors on the use and operation of innovative technologies.
Conduct a survey among students on the effectiveness of conducting disciplines by the department.
Control over the quality of the final examinations using computer technology.
Control over the quality of the state final graduation in accordance with the requirements of the credit system;
Participation in state and international projects to determine the quality of education in educational institutions.
At the same time, the Monitoring department and education quality control for the implementation of the program to improve the quality of education in higher education institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan has defined its goals as follows:
To promote the activities of teaching staff is one of the main tasks of the Institute;
Organization of the activities of the structures in accordance with the models:
– model of education;
– educational model;
– scientific model.
Continuous control over the final result, internal self-assessment and their consideration at the meetings of the departments;
Conducting international standards in accordance with the European requirements for the Bologna Process or ISO-2000;
Restructuring educational programs in accordance with changes in the labor market.
Implementation of plan “Professors -are key resources for the development of the learning process” (motivation of visual arts, organization of competitions, seminars, scientific and practical conferences, workshops, etc.);

Also, in order to improve the content of final examination tests and develop methodological recommendations for professors, seminars and trainings “Methods of drawing up tests in the credit reporting system” are held every year.