About department Foreign languages

The department of Foreign Languages has been formed recently on the basis of Scientists Board decree of IET TSUC from September, 2010 under the faculty Economics and innovation technologies of Institute of Economy and Trade under management of candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent Fuzailov R.K.
At the department work two candidates of pedagogical sciences, 3 candidates of philological sciences, 10 senior lecturers, 5 assistants, 2 heads of laboratory and 1 senior laboratory assistant.
On the basis of the faculty of foreign languages in the institute there has been created Center of Foreign Languages, where work experienced lecturers: Zaripova M., Begmatova S., Kamolov F., Rustamzoda R. The Center offers wide range of additional educational programs: studying English, Arabian and Chinese languages.
In the period of 4-years work the department reached success in science. Two lecturers defended candidate dissertations. Lecturer Kamolov F. defended his candidate dissertation on theme “Forty hadith” Abdurahman Jami and Mayunusov D. on “Anthroponyms in the poem Firdousi “Shahnameh”. At present, the young researcher of the department Ismailova M. conducts her research work on the topic: “The place of Shahobuddin Suhrawardi in Persian – Tajik prose”. Works of researchers Begmatova S. and Sidikova G. are also presented for discussion in the department.
The young lecturer of the department Islomova P. has finished Master’s degree in the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain under the Erasmus Mundus program and successfully defended her scientific work on the topic “Critical Analysis of Gender Bias in ELT textbooks in the Republic of Tajikistan”.
Research work of students
To implement and develop the research potential of students following activities are organized:
1. Republican Olympiad in Foreign Language;
2. Republican scientific and practical student conference “Students and scientific & technological progress”;
3. Annual scientific and practical student conference at TSUC. At the department under the guidance of Rasulova G. and Islamova P. there is a “Debate” club. Members of club gather once a month and organize round tables, make presentations on various topics. During these discussions, young people expand their knowledge, develop oral speech, in order to learn how to formulate and express their thoughts in society.
Lecturers of the department successfully finished courses of improvement professional skills and scientific training in Europe, India, the USA and Dushanbe on educational programs ITEC, ErasmusMundus, JFDP, SUSI, English Teacher’s Mentor Program. In 2011, lecturer Nasriddinova M., in 2012 Ismoilova M., in 2014 Rasulova N. passed an internship at the University of Johannes Kepler, the city of Linz, Austria. From 2012 to 2013, the lecturer Islamova P. studied for a master’s degree and successfully defended her thesis at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. Also, in 2013, M. Dadokhonova passed an internship at the same university.
Senior lecturer, Ph.D. Kamolov F. passed an internship in Germany, at Humboldt University in 2014.
Head of the department, associate professor Fuzailov R.K. passed an internship in the city of Budapest, Hungary in 2013.
Senior lecturer Zaripova M. has passed training at the University of Lendor, Greenwood, South Carolina, USA from January to May 2013. Lecturers Isokov A. and Kamolov F. had their internship also in the USA, in the cities of Amherst, Massachusetts and Santa Barbara, California. The entire teaching staff received certificates at the end of the internship.
Lecturers of the department actively participate in the preparation of publication textbooks, collections of texts and study assignments, methodological recommendations and control tasks.
From 2010 to the present time, the department has published a number of scientific publications and teaching aids.