Computer Centre

The Computer Centre (CC) is a structural and educational unit of the Institute, its tasks include providing services to its legal entities and individuals on information technology, maintenance of computer equipment.

CC includes classes:

  • Studying information technology;
  • Offering Internet and e-mail services
  1. The tasks of the Computer Center
  • training of the basics of computer science and information technology as well as foreign languages ​​using information technologies for students and employees of universities, research institutes, high-school students, employees of public and private institutions, as well as individuals of the Republic of Tajikistan.
  • provision of information technology services;
  • creation of software products and information systems;
  • partnership in the implementation of research programs;
  • attraction of various additional funding sources in strengthening the material and technical base of CC itself.

Functional duties of CC employees

  1. Head of the computer center:
  • Carries out planning, organization of work, reporting and day-to-day management of CC activity;
  • Develops and submits for approval list, job descriptions to the administration staff;
  • Carries out work on the selection and placement of personnel in the CC
  • Observes and controls labor – production discipline;
  • Coordinates the issues of distribution of computer equipment, components and spare parts to them;
  • Carries out the acceptance of computer equipment, monitoring of its further progress at the university;
  • Responsible for supply and start-up of new equipment;
  • Represents the interests of the CC before the director and the Academic Council.
  1. Electronic Engineer
  • Carries out repair and maintenance of computer equipment of IET TSUC;
  • As agreed by the manager of the Centre, EE modifies and configures the processor units, monitors, printers and other office equipment;
  • Accumulates spare parts and components due to written-off equipment;
  • Accountable to the head of the CC.
  1. Computer Operator and Internet Operator:
  • Supervises the work of users of equipment and keeps records of computer time;
  • Requires users to comply with the sanitary and technical standards and fire safety rules, assigned to them offices;
  • registers time for each computer, accepts the workstation from users (upon completion of work on the computer);
  • Systematically registers failures and malfunctions in the work of computer in the journal and reports them to the network administrator and head of the CC
  • By the order of the manager CC performs the collection and printing of various documents.