Academic staff Economy and Entrepreneurship


Title of article

1 Komarova G. B. The role of regions in the formation of “poles of competitiveness” of the national economy.
2. Nabieva A. Ya. Influence of the implementation of regional, tourist, investment projects on the prospects for the development of the economy of the Sughd region.
3 Karimov G. Yu. An analysis of the fairness of income distribution.
4 Sultonov Yu. Some conditions for the organization of optimal trade in market conditions.
5 Khodiboev A. Economic value of the development fruits and vegetables in Sughd region.
6 Khomutova L.F. Cluster formation – basis of the national innovation system of the Republic of Tajikistan.
7 Ishanova U. U. Prospects of development and ways of increasing competitiveness of wholesale-intermediary enterprises.
8 Juraev J. B. Ways to improve economic relations, procurement organizations with trade and agricultural enterprises.
9 Karimov I.I. Analysis of economic growth of light and food industry enterprises in Sughd region.
10 Sadriddinov A. Observation of the economic multiplier of foreign trade in the Republic of Tajikistan.
11 Rakhmonhudzhaev F. Expertise of goods market of daily demand and development of its infrastructure.
12 Umarov Z. H. Analysis of the composition and structure of the population by sector and type of activity.
13 Buzrukova S.F. Statistical methods of volume analysis and the structure of consumption of goods and services by the population.
14 Yakubova N. Ya. Usage of elements of distribution logistics in the channels of commodity circulation.
15 Alieva G.I. The effectiveness of poverty reduction is an important process of economic development.
16 Akhmedova Z.A., Akhmedova N.R. Assessment of socio-economic processes in the regional economy.
17 Djuraeva N.V. Development of small and medium business in the Republic of Tajikistan.
18 Karimova I.I. Methodological approaches to assessing the effectiveness of management of small enterprises.
19 Komarova A.I. Project Integration and Organization Strategy.
20 Azimova Z.A. Labor migration, education and its impact on the labor market.
21 Mirmuhamedova M. Role and importance of investment in tourism development (on materials of Sughd region of the Republic of Tajikistan).
22 Ismoilova M. Regional features of the innovation process in the preparation of industrial workers in Sughd region.