IET TSUC – training competitive specialists in a global labor market, our graduates must have a broad worldview, intercultural skills, and advanced foreign languages skills. All these competencies and skills are possible to gain in a highly internationalized university. Here the role of the International relations office, our partners and beneficiaries plays an important role, and the main task of the International relations office is to bring all parties together so each one can benefit from the possible opportunities.

We at IET TSUC working to improve the socio-economic life of our people. It’s not a secret anymore, that the economy of knowledge, the country’s development achieved based on knowledge, the future build upon the knowledge it’s the most sustainable path for us all. Here at IET TSUC, we are working on maximizing the education impact, making an impact for bettering people’s life. Yes, for now, it’s in a regional level, we are a small institute, but with high ambitions to grow internationally, and provide a higher education meet all the requirement of international education standards.


Most of the leading university’ best practices showed that university development through internationalisation strategy can demonstrate significant results in making education relevant and appropriate. Therefore, here at IET TSUC, we have come together with the idea to work on integrated processes and activities of internationalisation of teaching, learning and research.

Hoshimzoda Homid Hasan, Director of the IET TSUC

The International relations office works on the development of international relations in the field of education, science and contributes for establishing partenrship relations between IET TSUC and strategic partner universities around the globe.

From 2016-2017 academic year, the department’s activity has become more effective. Only from September 2016 to January 2017, relations with more than 3 new partners for further cooperation were established. Since up to now the International relations office implemented more than 11 International credit mobility KA107 projects, and 5-6 capacity building projects, including in the framework of the Higher Education Project and Erasmus+ actively partnering with more than 30 HEIs from Europe, America and Asia.

The overall development of the Internationalisation of the IET TSUC is built upon the eight broad areas assumed to be prioritized:

  • Goal 1. Internationalisation of a curriculum;
  • Goal 2. Internationalisation of teaching and learning;
  • Goal 3. Internationalisation of research activity and scholarly initiatives;
  • Goal 4. Expanding the network of foreign partners;
  • Goal 5. Facilitate education abroad and academic mobility;
  • Goal 6. Increasing the number of international students;
  • Goal 7. International impact and visibility;
  • Goal 8. Infrastructure and resources for boosting internationalisation of teaching/learning and research.

Responsible parties/units in the implementation and coordination of the Plan are IRO and faculties and departments of the University.

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