Registration and Сonsultation department

The Registration and Consultation Department is one of the governing structures of the Institute of Economics and Trade of the Tajik State University of Commerce in Khujand from 2006.

The activities of the Registration and Consultation Department are carried out in accordance with the Code of the RT “On Education”, “On the transition to a credit system for the training of universities in the Republic of Tajikistan”, the Charter on the educational process in IET TSUC. The department is directly subordinate to the Deputy Director of Education.

The main activity of the department is aimed at organizing a targeted educational process using a special attitude to the use of credit technology: improving the effectiveness of educational and organizational work.

The main directions of the department are:

  • effective management of learning process through the coordination of methodological and academic activities;
  • collection, development, centralization and analysis of student’s information, curriculum and programs for making optimal decisions, management and improvement of the quality of IET TSUC academic department;
  • development of Charter, rules and regulations, decisions, preparation of reports (operational and analytical analysis);
  • conduction of seminars (teaching and student staff);
  • coordination of class schedules (academic calendar, schedule of classes);
  • organization of midterm control and final examination;
  • development of different reporting forms.

Employees of the department are responsible for:

  • drawing up a table of the educational process for the credit training system;
  • registration of freshmen (in 3 stages);
  • registration of subjects trained in the new academic year;
  • preparation of Form # 1 for selected subjects;
  • preparation of Form # 2 (working curriculum);
  • scheduling of conducting midterm controls and final examination (for each half-year);
  • compilation of the examination sheets for the final examination;
  • composition of repeated courses in subjects and term (summer session) for students-debtors;
  • reports for the Scientific and Methodological Council, Academic Council of the Institute.

Automation of the educational process provides opportunity for teachers and students to have full information about their activities, the educational process and its results, to analyze their activities and draw appropriate conclusions based on the results, through the use of information technology.

Juraev Jaloliddin Boltuboevich since 2010 heads the Registration and Consultion department.

   He is the owner of the following awards: excellent student of the consumer union of the Republic of Tajikistan; state awards: Medal to the Soldier-Internationalist, medal “From the grateful Afghan people”.

Bobozhonova M., Sulaimonova M., Kosimova N. and Gaibulloeva M. work in this department as registrars.