Majors of the faculty “Economics and innovation technologies”


The activity of the faculty is aimed at training students in the following specialties: Economy and enterprise management, Finance and Credit in foreign economic activity, World Economy, Business Administration, Technology and Information systems, Economic Informatics.

The specialty 25010700 – “Economy and enterprise management”, prepares future specialists who work for state enterprises, as well as companies and joint stock companies, financial institutions, economic divisions and government bodies, organizations, and all branches of commerce.

The specialty 25010407 – “Finance and credit in foreign economic activity”  prepares specialists in the field of finance: dealers, brokers, plastic card specialist, managers and specialists of banks, insurance companies, financial managers and analysts of all legal entities.

Specialty 25010300 – “World Economy” trains specialists to work in foreign companies, international financial institutions and banks, in companies as well as in local government bodies.

Specialty 26020100 – “Business Administration” prepares marketing, finance and accounting specialists, economists, sales agents, business managers, marketing assistants, business analysts, managers of state enterprises and private companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and organizations.

Specialty 25011200 – “Economic Informatics”, graduates of this specialty can work in different enterprises as programmers, IT specialists, web programmers, etc.

Specialty 40010202 – “Technology and Information System” prepares software engineers, system administrators, system analyzers, network operators in the field of economics, administrative and management departments of enterprises.