Finance and Accounting

The Department of Finance and Credit is an integral part of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting of IET TSUC, started its activity on September 1, 2010.

Under the guidance of Candidate of Economic Sciences, Docent Ismailova D.M., the department conducts educational activity, educational, methodical, educational and scientific training of specialists in the field of “Finance and Credit”, “Tax and Taxation” and “Banking”.

Teaching and methodical work of the department on the preparation and presentation of educational literature in 2014.

Khotamova B.Kh. “Three hundred questions and answers on money circulation, credit and bank” (in the Tajik language);

Tukhtaev Т.М. “Financial management: theory and practice” (educational and methodical material in Tajik language);

Turakulova L.T. “Enterprise Finance” (educational and methodical material in Tajik language);

Abdukhamidova G.M. “Currency Regulation and Exchange Control” (educational and methodical material in Tajik language);

Khotamova B.Kh., Ahmedov K.A. “Collection of tasks on the organization of the activities of the National Bank and commercial banks”;

Khafizova R.A., Abdurashidova M.A. “Banking” (educational material in the Tajik language);

Khafizova R.A. Methodical recommendations for coursework on disciplines “Banking”, “Accounting and operational activities in banks”;

Ismoilova D.M. Methodical manual on the pre-diploma practice for all specialties of the department;

Khafizova R.A. Methodical recommendations on writing thesis for graduates of specialties “Finance and Credit”, “Banking”;

Muminova N.R. Methodical manual for coursework on subject “Finance, money circulation and credit.”

It should be noted that to improve educational process of students, all the necessary conditions have been created.

The academic staff of the department pays attention to scientific research work. The main goal of the research work is studying the financial development problems of the economy of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The research work of the department contributes to the increase of theoretical knowledge of lecturers, including the increase of the academic degree and the improvement of the quality of lecture and practical classes. Results of faculty members’ research works are effectively used in writing and preparing manuals, methodological recommendations, preparing articles and abstracts for scientific and practical conferences, and also for organizing scientific and theoretical seminars. At the department there is a student scientific club “The Young Financier”. Students of the club present their scientific reports in the following areas: financial system, banking system, tax system.

The department includes 25 academic groups of full-time studies. The academic staff of the department pays great attention to the educational work of students. Educational work is based on the National Concept of Youth Education and touches upon the following aspects: ideological, national, patriotic, economic, aesthetic, political, legal, etc.