The Institute in 2010-2016 was participant of projects within Erasmus Mundus TARGET I and TARGET II, ​​TEMPUS FLEPP projects. In particular, lately, 20 teachers and 40 students using available opportunities for exchanging students and sharing experiences have been to foreign universities.
At certain times, there were professors from abroad in our institute, Shaeron Seton, Vanessa Beary, Terence Drew, Marcel Minutullo, Rebecca Viller from the United States, from China Chin Yang Xiaoyu, with terms from 1 to 3 years, they taught in English groups economic science and foreign languages. In addition, more than 30 scientists from abroad participated with their reports in international conferences organized by IET TSUC.

The Institute is working on projects to receive grants from the World Bank to improve the conditions of the institute and prepare of working professions.

The representative of the World Bank, Mrs. Patricia Rivers Carter and the representative of the Asian Development Bank, Mr. Chin Chang Xi Yu, lectured on economic issues with our students and gave a positive feedback on their level of knowledge.

The Institute actively participates in student’s movement of young entrepreneurs ENACTUS and in the last 6 years our team has become the champion of the country five times and became participant of the international tournament ENACTUS, which took place in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Cancun – Mexico, New York – USA, Beijing – China and Toronto – Canada, where they proudly raised the flag of Tajikistan, and received medals.