Majors of the Faculty “Commerce, Customs and Law”

Based on permission under АУ №0001160 from November 8, 2012 to carry out activities in the field of education, the following specialties function at the faculty:

-260101 – management of local authorities;

-260202 – management;

-25011004 – commerce in foreign market;

-260203 – marketing in the international market of goods and services;

-250109 – commodity and inspection of goods;

-960101 – customs service;

-240103 – economic law;

-24010104 – international commercial law;

-27010116 – economics and enterprise management (light industry).

At IET TSUC, the structure of the faculty of commerce, customs and law consists of integrated framework that trains specialists on:

– Professional economic and legal knowledge;

– High level communication in the labor market;

– modern innovative technologies;

– knowledge of at least 3-4 foreign languages.