Сongratulations on the victory, courageous athletes!

From October 23 to November 15 of this year, student’s sport contest was held between higher education institutions of Sughd region.

There were 70 students of the IET TSUC who participated in the contest. A 2-year student of specialty 400102 Saifiev Bakhtiyor the first place on wrestling. Including, 1-year student  250103A Akhmedov Tuychibeg won the first place in athletics. Kholov Rakhmat won the 1st place on qualification by weight.

In total, 3 students of the university received the first place in the regional sports district and took part in the republican ballot.

In the republican sports competition, held in Dushanbe on November 5th till November 25, Sayfiev Bakhtiyor’s 2-year student specialty 400102 was awarded with the 2nd place.

holov Rakhmat a 1-year student of specialty 250107 took 2nd place in athletic mode.

Sorbony Gulmurod,
Sports specialist of IET TSUC

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