Regional Roundtable within the framework of the UNICAC Project

On October 28, 2021, in International Relations Department was held a regional roundtable on the topic “Effects of the situation in Afghanistan on Central Asia” within the framework of the UNICAC Project. It was led by Tajik, Uzbek, and Chinese Higher Education Institutions, with the collaboration of Spanish, Finland, and Italian HEIs.
The regional round table was attended by the University of Seville, Professor Inmaculada Vivas, Director of INCOMA – Juan Guerrero, Khorog State University, Mokhinav Gafurova, UNICAC project coordinator – Head of the International Relations Department of IET TSUC Saidkosim Mukhtorov, Assistant of the Social science dpt. Hoshimov F., Assistant of the World Economy dpt. Kuchkarov I., and other UNICAC project partners.
Our professor Khoshimov F. delivered a lecture on the theme: “Role of the Republic of Tajikistan in ensuring security in Central Asia”. In his presentation he proposed solutions to the following issues on ensuring security in Tajikistan:
• Conducting international forums related to Afghanistan in Dushanbe, thereby contributing to the settlement of the Afghan problem
• Creation by government agencies of special information centers to ensure information security.
The presentation of Kuchkarov I. was about “The impact of Afghanistan crisis in Central Asia countries tourism development”. Kuchkarov I. presented general statistics on the development of tourism in CA countries. UNICAC project coordinator – Saidkosim Mukhtorov, discussed the impact of the situation of Afghanistan in the development of tourism in the Republic of Tajikistan.
At the end of the event, the UNICAC project partners discussed different topics and exchanged their views on the above issue.

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