Completion of the Seminar within the UNICAC Project

The Institute of Economy and Trade of TSUC is expanding international cooperation with foreign Universities to join the world system of science and education.
Last Thursday, on November 25, 2021, we completed a series of seminars within the framework of the UNICAC project. We recall that from 10.18.2021 to 11.25.2021, in the International Relations Department of the Institute of Economy and Trade of TSUC, together with Laurea University and UNICAC partners, was held online mobility for foreign students under WP3.7.2. “Multicultural and Multidisciplinary Professional”.
The seminar was attended by:
• Professor Tiina Wikstrom from Laurea University of UAS,
• Muktorov Saidkosim, UNICAC Project Coordinator (IET TSUC)
• Hoshimov F. Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences (IET TSUC)
• Sharipova S. Assistant of the Department of World Economy, (IET TSUC)
• Dr. Fengxin Yan from Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University,
• Hasanova Nozima, National University of Uzbekistan,
The workshop program included presentations and group work.
As part of the opening ceremony, moderator Tiina Wikstrom greeted the seminar participants and made a summary of the whole courses we held during 8 weeks.
The general themes were:
• Understanding Culture and Diversity
• Cultural Competence and Globalization
• Sustainability and Resilience in the Future Working Life
• Sustainable International Business and Cooperation
• Future Leadership
• Technology and Project Work in Future Working Life
On these topics, the seminar participants gained good experience in the field of international culture, leadership, technology in the modern world, business policy, complex and innovative topics, globalization problems, and others.
During the seminar, Tiina Wikstrom delivered on the theme “We Live in a Complex World” and mentioned the following: “We live in a complex world, where we see ourselves from sustainable to resilience, and then we witness disaster in one country and peace in another. As we live in a complex world, we witness pandemic situations and see the quick global change in some counties there are draught, chaotic situations and in other people are dying of hunger. The solution might not be easy but we need to address to people”
After, some questions were asked for discussion in groups with foreign students:
– What are the complexities in my field of studies? Why?
– What are the complex situations in my home country? Why?
– How is nature relevant in my field of studies? Why?
– What does sustainability mean to me?
– Do you want to be a leader? Why?
– What are the biggest problems in your fields of studies or future work? What about solutions?
– Is technology important for your future? Why?
– Are interculturality and multiprofessionality important to you and why?
All participants discussed complexities in the field of study, leadership and from technology to the definition of sustainability and with other topics. Some points of view were mentioned on complexity, for instance as Boisot and MC Kelly said “It takes complexity to beat complexity” and “The only thing that is constant is change” by Heraclitus.
All participants enjoyed the process of discussion found out a lot of new and interesting information, gained new experiences, and shared their views.
At the end of the seminar, all participants expressed their opinions and left a good review for this event.
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