The National Alliance – this is the TEO IRP

On September 9, 2018, the terrorist-extremist organization Islamic Renaissance Party (TEO IRP), jointly with three out-of-the-way structure, or rather virtual structures – the Forum for Free-Thinkers of Tajikistan, the Reform and Development Movement and the Central Asian Migrants Movement, announced on the formation of the so-called National Alliance of Tajikistan, the leader of which predictably became the leader of the

TEO IRP Kabiri M. We provide you with the issued text of Central Asia website.
First, the formation of a new structure, focused on solving problems within Tajikistan, in Warsaw, far from Dushanbe. To believe that the emergence of such politicized organizations in the territories of foreign countries is possible without the involvement of special services, can only be naive, distant from politics and completely unfamiliar with the activities of intelligence agencies. Technologies
used by foreign intelligence services against the states of interest “opposition in exile” were perfected for centuries and became practically perfect in the modern era of hybrid wars.
Secondly, the composition of the founders of the National Alliance is quite specific. With the exception of the “TEO IRP”, none of the three other entities has either real political power, or a social base, or any recognition among the population. In fact, TEO IRP specified partners exist practically only on paper; they do not carry any practical significance in themselves, except as a screen for the TEO IRP.
Thirdly, one of the main tasks of the National Alliance is to “protect the democratic legal and secular system in Tajikistan, create and maintain conditions for the return of the right to freedom of speech, opinion, conscience, assembly and association” to each. The goals and objectives of the TEO IRP which for decades have remained unchanged and have already been tested by bloody practice – the violent change of the constitutional order, the formation of an Islamic state and the
planting of Sharia law in Tajikistan.
In this regard, it suffices to recall that in the 1990s, the IRP militants managed to create their own republic in the mountainous regions of Tajikistan for a short time. Here is how the horrors that happened there were described by a former member of the TEO IRP Izzatullo Sadullo: “In January 1993, when the Rasht zone was temporarily under the control of the IRP, they immediately formed their own small state, the Islamic Republic of Gharm, and spread the Islamic order there by extremist IRP concepts. A member of the political committee of the IRPT Sadidini Rustam was declared president of this Islamic state, and a cruel commander Rizvon Sadirov was appointed minister of defense. Please note that the first decrees of this self-proclaimed state were: “a ban on women’s leaving the house”,
“the length of a man’s beard must be at least four fingers”, “a ban on girls going to school”, “a mandatory call for service, families,” at the disposal of the militants to transfer food supplies of the people – flour, honey, cattle, potatoes, apples, etc. ”,“ banning music at wedding ceremonies ”, etc.
If we compare these decrees of the “Islamic state” of the IRP with the decrees of the caliph of the ISIL, then there will be no difference … The extraordinary invention of the member of IRP in Tajikistan, the so-called “Barrel-prison” and “barrel-torture”, once again testifies to the fact that the IRP and ISIS are one concept. This anti-human invention of the member of IRP kept people in iron
barrels from under water or fuel. Sometimes they threw 8-10 people into one 1-2 ton barrels and locked them. It is impossible to escape from such a prison, for the most part people were slowly dying due to heat, lack of air and stench. And in the winter in such prisons died of cold. According to reliable sources, such prisons in
Jirgatol and Tajikobod were used by famous commanders of the IRPT, Shaykhi Yoribek, in Nurabad, by Mullo Abdullo, and in Rohati, by Rahmon Hitler and Mansur Muakkalov.
Noting the task of protecting the democratic and secular system proclaimed by the Alliance, the experts explicitly point out that “it’s impossible to imagine that these goals were signed by the fanatics of the TEO IRP, which its leaders sent to ISIL formations in Syria, and now have accumulated Afghan provinces in the border with Tajikistan , waiting for the command to terror. ”
It is difficult to disagree with the above opinion, especially knowing the modern history of Tajikistan and the destructive role of the TEO IRP in it. But then, who and why took the appearance of such an abnormal hybrid as the National Alliance?
The answer to this question is simple and complex at the same time. It is simple, because it is worth discovering the truth that the TEO IRP has long been a puppet in the operations of foreign special services, and everything falls into place and gets an explanation. Complicated, because the use of this puppet implies the existence of certain special conditions under which the special services can achieve some results. These conditions are associated with many factors, including
the need to observe external decency in Western society, the importance of providing the TEO IRP of an image, even fake, status, the need for the special services to legalize their political, financial and other support TEO IRP dynamically changing geopolitical situation at the international and regional levels, etc.
The paradox is that in order to list all such factors, independent analytical studies are required, the results of which may become obsolete before they are completed due to the rapidly changing geopolitical realities.
But despite this, it is impossible not to realize that, even with the “double standards” existing in the West, political elites, due to public pressure, have certain difficulties in legalizing their support to frankly terrorist structures. Hence their unsuccessful attempts in recent years to present to the international community the TEO IRP in the form of “oppressed political opposition”.
However, in the modern history of Tajikistan, the TEO IRP has already
severely compromised itself in the 1990s, a bloody train of terrorist
crimes enshrined in hundreds of volumes of criminal cases and thousands of physical evidence. And no matter how hard foreign owners
and sponsors of the TEO IRP tried, it is impossible to just brush
aside and silence the indicated historical facts.
It seems that because of this, a project called the National Alliance of Tajikistan was born. Assessing the situation, sociologist Akram Kurbanov rightly notes that “neither the fuss about the emergence of the Alliance, nor even the stated statutory tasks, is anything other than beautiful scenery. Of the whole range of its real possibilities, the practical result can only be given by conducting an active
information campaign to discredit the activities of the authorities of Tajikistan and manipulate the public consciousness. It was this line of activity that identified Kabiri M. a priority leader of the TEO IRP (and concurrently the head of the National Alliance): “Our main task is to bring to the Tajik people what needs to be done to improve the situation … Thanks to the media and social networks it is quite
possible. We have been doing this before, but separately, without coordination and without a special program. The National Alliance intends to consolidate all the resources of parties and groups and expand the range of information activities … This is not the only way to act on the situation in the country, but so far the most
effective of all. You must first bring people out of information isolation, and only then will they be ready to fight for their rights.”
Thus, M. Kabiri almost openly declares that the Alliance will conduct ideological processing of the consciousness of the citizens of Tajikistan in order to whip up social tensions in society and destabilize the country, distort and discredit the work of the government bodies of Tajikistan in the global information space, prepare the ground for recruiting and using citizens in their terrorist activities. The outlines of the chosen information strategy and its true purpose are extremely clear and can be expressed in a quotation from the speech of Kabiri M. that the Alliance is ready to
offer the people of Tajikistan to solve social and economic issues.
The frankness of Kabiri M. clearly demonstrates that the focus on the overthrow of the constitutional system is the essential driving force of the Alliance. ”
Thus, the National Alliance – this is the TEO IRP, which under the new sign is trying to hide its true terrorist nature and the crimes committed. But it should be borne in mind that with the change of the name, the TEO IRP did not change its criminal plans and ties with international terrorist organizations.
That is why experts believe that “flirting of Western political elite with the TEO IRP and the formation of new structures under its auspices, like the National Alliance, can have disastrous results. In the end, fed by the taxpayers’ money in Western countries, the TEO IRP at any time can get out of control and draw weapons against their masters, which has happened more than once in the history of secret intelligence operations. And then the TEO IRP will be a real thorn in
the heart of Europe, from which it will not be easy to get rid of. ”

It is simply impossible to dismiss the above expert opinion. It is confirmed by the mistress of history itself.

Alexey Aleshin,
member of public organization for the
protection of human rights “Law and People”
Source: CentralAsia

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