Addresses of Acting Chairman of the GBAO – Faizov, Former Mayor of Khorugh – Mahtobshozoda, Deputy Chairman of Vanj district – Mardov and member of the Ismaili Muslim community – Farrukhzod before public active of GBAO
As we reported earlier, the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon on September 15, 2018 held a meeting with public active of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, during which he gave a number of specific instructions to responsible persons in order to ensure rule of law; maintain public order and security, the detention of criminals in search, seizure of illegal weapons and ammunition and investigation of drug related crimes.

In this context, interagency commission in charge of providing law and order in the GBAO has been established. On October 16, responsible person of the interagency commission addressed before public active of GBAO and summed up the results of the work which was done.
Yodgor Fayzov, acting chairman of the GBAO region:
Dear attendees!
I want to state my opinions regarding developed present situation in Khorog city, in Mountains Autonomous -Badakhshan Region. During 16 days I express finds on this position, first of all, my respect and huge gratitude to Leader of the nation, those persons who worked all day and night in the staff, mothers, sisters and intelligences, the workers of state authorities.
Coordination and mutual understanding in work have allowed us to execute assignments of Its Excellency within one month, and it is necessary to tell, that the decision of these problems requires certain time, and for one month, undoubtedly, it is impossible to solve all difficulties.

The decision of some questions time is required, and if we go correctly on this way, then necessarily will execute tasks delivered before us. In this plan I would like to quote some verification. We talk a lot about organized groupings, criminal groups in the official media and social networks. Everyone wonders who these people are, why not call them names? Those are the people we are talking about, are the ringleaders of organized criminal groups. Here, is Munavvar, there is Tolib, over there Bokir, here are strong Khursand, and then there’s Yodgor. Let’s speak-a man about whom and about what.
Let’s speak-a man about whom and about what. You probably know about the meeting in the Hall of the Palace of sports, there gathered almost 500-600 persons. All youth, I think for the first time the 27-year history explicitly expressed their views that who made mistakes.
Who committed particular business or crime? Yes, such openness was for the first time. Here also expressed Tolib, Zokhir, Kuvvat and others.
Everything that they wanted in relation to state structures they expressed, I too as the former employee of the Aga Khan Organization expressed my opinion on them, and on Affairs which they made. They suggested that if the problem was just the five of us, we would go and surrender ourselves. In my statement, I noted that Khorog is not a place for conflicts. Today we see on TV what is happening in Damascus, Aleppo, Iraq and other places. In these countries the people left, fought against illegal armed groups. Today, ten million people have returned to their devastated homes, searching for their homes, unable to find them, everything is destroyed. There’s nothing left of those beautiful cities. During meetings with employees of the Aga Khan Foundation, they tearfully were telling about Syria, what it was like before the war, about Libya, what this country was like before the conflicts, remembers Iraq, Yemen, how beautiful and comfortable they were before the war. How beautiful these countries were, and what happened to them now.
I addressed to the leader of the nation that there was no war in Khorog. Residents have a lot of problems. Without it, every day I get dozens of people with problems that don’t have homes and they live in a garage, in a barn. Complain that have difficulties with water or faced other problems.
If there will be a war, Where to go to the population in the winter. I know what’s inside the attic or out the window, shooting towards the government armed forces. In return, this will be sent there. From 9, 4 and 10-storey buildings will not remain a trace. Then, as in Syria … we have erected tents, and thousands of people will live in them in the winter. Today, the state has given us such an opportunity. Let’s surrender our weapons. Live a peaceful life in Tajikistan, in your Homeland.
In my opinion even Anushervon, known as the Rightful during his reign did not provide this possibility, and talked about this at the meeting and at all meetings. Today from the common people the state to ask only to hand over the weapon. Don’t say: go get your weapons, do not say: go ahead and conflict with them.
The request Please do not interfere during operations, do not endanger your life and the lives of your children. This is the only request that is demanded from the people. But, unfortunately, despite so many meetings, for the work done, people are not able to do this, and as Sami Sattorov noted, he cannot cope with his children. At that meeting, I was told that I had declared war as Chairman. I replied that if the leader of the nation intended to fight, I would not have been appointed to this position. There’d be another man with a star on his shoulders.
Today all politicians of the world, all analysts, and all political parties are surprised that as his Excellency appointed the Director of the Aga Khan Foundation acting Chairman of the region. You know what conversations were in the past, the relationship of the Aga Khan Organization with the Government was like this, the relationship of his Excellency with his Highness is like this. As the result one of the key persons of the Aga Khan Organization is acting the chairman of the area.
What is the meaning of this? Consolidation-rallying healthy forces against crime, against violations of the law. And today, this responsibility lies with those who are in this Hall. No other conversations and intentions. At all meetings I without fear and openly talk about it.
That was a different time. Now another state. Now there is no state that asks for bread, flour, or anything else. Republic has become the other. All parts of Tajikistan were able to comply with the new policy, to promote their lives. As they say, today are concerned about the harvest of cotton, fruit and meat.
We say that, how many weapon we collected in five years, how many drugs. I was asked about organized groups, who are they and how many are they?
Well, if Yodgor has 50 – 100 people, Tolib – 50 – 100 people, Ormon -50 – 100, Bakir – 50 – 100, and others where? That’s 300 today. 400, 1000 people? A thousand people against a state with a million soldiers and officers.
However, it is said that there are 1000 good young people among them. Here’s the problem. Today, if the conversation is about 200, 300 or 500 people, it can be solved in a day. But we have damaged the minds of our young people over these 20 years. They grew up under the influence of the street. They have parents, but they haven’t been home in weeks.
Any thoughts about it. Nothing is impossible to do and make. And at the farm and at home, everything falls out of your hands. Parent’s request that took his son to the army so that he could get rid of these criminal groups. At the same time, note that didn’t speak to the son about this their request. Parents are afraid of their children. Ask, don’t tell that it we addressed with such offer, and somehow take away it in army.
It not intimidation by the weapon.
They’re not afraid of anything. I’m worried about the wrong ideology, the narrow worldview of these young people.
All our residents. I myself, back in 2001, when I was appointed Director General of the social development program of the mountain region, went to Dushanbe, then my wife and children cried that we were leaving Khorog. Now their mentality has changed. In our house there is a neighbor from Sughd region, another neighbor from Kulyab, and this one is from another region. Now my daughter works in a Bank.
Look, now, if we go from here to Dushanbe, on the way we will meet 50 – 100 foreign tourists who travel by Bicycle to our native places. They come from distant Switzerland, from France, to admire our Tajikistan. For example, Americans, not only traveling, visited Dushanbe, but also know every corner of America. All these issues that stand before us today, they are the focus of attention in the circle of every family. Said, why not guard the border. But today, even a power like America cannot strengthen its border. We are talking about the border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, with a length of 1,420 kilometers. This, if you have a million soldiers and officers, the only way, as they say, holding hands, strengthened the border. We must adhere to the advice and guidance Of the leader of the nation and the leadership of the region. We have of their behavior and wisdom, politically, and in terms of “madhab”, to be good. We don’t need an alien culture. We’re against guns and drugs.
They asked me when we will conduct these Affairs.
There’s a lot of talk in the media today about weapons, that we shouldn’t have done it, and that we know where those weapons come from.
Everyone knows about it, knows at the highest level. We watched the film, as employees of the state Committee of national security detained those persons who had weapons and who sell them. There were times when they gave money, collected weapons, gave reports on the collection of weapons. Weapons should have been confiscated from the population.
15 September, his Excellency expressed concern about crime in the area, and gave a number of specific orders to ensure the rule of law, public order, the security of citizens, detention of criminals wanted the seizure of illegal weapons and ammunition, the detection and prevention of crimes related to drug trafficking and carry out these orders in a month’s time.
Imagine if he said within a month, destroy all the criminal groups, and eliminate them. We wouldn’t be standing here with you now. It was bloody. Everything would burn. There are elements which are common sense. It solves these problems without war and conflict. They say, let’s collect the weapon, we will create the Commission.
It’s not potatoes, and not cotton, come and hand over 50 kilos. Himmatzoda will hand over 20 kilograms. There are laws. We are talking in General terms without names.
Probably in two – three years from this machine gun will kill the person. Then say this machine, passed a law. In 2015 I’ve seen with covered faces, over the fence, dropped the gun. Whose was the machine or what kind of gun was it, no one did not understand this, and not one before this was not the case.
The government made it possible. You give up your weapon, and we won’t come after you. Today in mass media there are a lot of different senses, in particular those who far from the homeland, instruct, advice. They know neither national pride nor laws. They do know neither national pride, nor laws. I express gratitude to chairman of the state committee of a national security, prosecutor general and those persons who are present here. I thank you for the help and support you have provided during the month by the authority, and I am confident that from this hour and day in Badakhshan there will be peace of mind. From now on, the rule of law will prevail, and we must prepare for winter. What will happen to the road, food, how to create heat at the facilities, to engage in daily life. State agencies should engage in concrete action and address these vital issues and not to engage in weapons collection.
Arambegim Mohtobshozoda, former Khorog Chairman:
Now my colleagues have repeatedly asked one question: why is it so difficult to fight these criminals? The answer is simple: indifference and some fear of people who in any other situation could resist them are to be blamed. This has been going on for 27 years now, and it is our inability to give proper attention to the upbringing of children and young people to blame.

After all, they are all our children, and we must be responsible for their actions. All this crime is the result of our indifference, because if we cannot call those responsible to justice, they will drink the blood of our people. In Badakhshon, every mother, every wife, every girl is afraid for herself. They told us that they could not live in such conditions, and more than once asked us why the criminals are still at large. The Leader of the Nation sacrificed a great deal so that life in our beautiful Motherland would be peaceful, and we must be accountable to all those women who are now suffering from the rampant crime. At the cost of our lives, we must protect our country and the peace of its citizens – and for this we need to unite.
Mr. Oddinasho MARDOV, First Deputy Chairman of Vanj district:
I am the First Deputy Chairman of Vanj district and was born in the village of Yazgulom. Yazgulom is such a region, about which much is said. I heard such speeches that if something happens in Khorog, perhaps the people of Yazgulom will support them. I give you a guarantee that people of Yazgulom will not in any case take part in illegal cases, especially in Khorog. And there is one more thing.

This is a hobby of young guys with extremist, terrorist and radical ideas. It is important to note the return of our children who study abroad. Dear chairman, fortunately, in 2018, students who studied abroad unofficially returned to their homeland. In particular, with the support and protection of the Leader of the Nation, His excellency Emomali Rahmon 5 people, the natives of Yazgulom returned home last September 28 of this year. Only one thing I want to emphasize and repeat – with regard to the enthusiasm of young people with extremist, terrorist and radical ideas.
There is one person by name or surname of Kuzov. He is from Yazgulom. If he were a good person, he would not have that name or surname as Kuzov or Quzov. So abroad, from Warsaw through the media, he announced that the national armed forces are dominating the people of Yazguliam. That allegedly for today the population of Yazgulom from 20 thousand people was reduced almost 11 thousand people. And that supposedly, no one pays attention to the troubles and problems of this region. I will give a simple example. I, on behalf of the people of Yazgulom, addressed to the President of the country, the Leader of the nation Emomali Rahmon, whom the people of our region love and respect very much, I bring sincere appreciation and gratitude. And I want to emphasize. Most of the young people who are carried away by extremist, terrorist and radical ideas are the work of that same Kuzov.
This Kuzov cannot say anything inside the country, and only from abroad is trying to confuse our young people from the right path. I am sure that sooner or later this Kuzov will appear before the law and will be responsible for its vile affairs.
Parvonai Farrukhzod, member of the Ismaili Muslim community in GBAO.
I am a representative of a religious community. And what I will say now concerns this particular area. As a representative of a religious community, I want to thank the administration, the regional government. Indeed, if we look at everything from a religious point of view, the only country where followers of religion freely observe all their rites and customs is our Tajikistan, you will not see this in one point of the earth, not in one Muslim country.

No matter how we look at it: as a citizen, as a religious leader, first of all, we should be grateful for independence, for peace and tranquility, stability in this country. Our leader told us all that no matter what country you are in, glorify your country, express loyalty, raise the name of our country and our nation in the international arena. I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that, wherever our leader speaks, he always calls for the fact that there is no waste in the world, no extremism. Unfortunately, today let’s say, my brother, or son, or sister, allow some sort of extravagance. But there are individuals who abuse trust, abuse the observance of religious customs. I ask all power structures not to consider them as a member of a religious community, not to consider them as a member of religious structures.

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