Сompletion of seminars in the framework of the UNICAC project for Ph.D.students

На изображении может находиться: 3 человека, текстWe have finished a series of workshops in the framework of the UNICAC project for our PhD students. These virtual meetings had a discussion format and were dedicated to “How to Manage it All – Student Wellbeing, Time Management and Finalizing Your Studies Effectively” and “Promoting Academic Writing Skills in English”. These workshops were held twice a month in November and December and were delivered by PhD Tiina Wikström (Philosophy, Arts and Society Research Program, University of Helsinki; University of Laurea, Finland).
PhD students from IET TSUC received valuable notions and techniques of time management, how to manage their academic activity efficiently and maintain wellbeing, they also got practical tips on how to structure, write and publish their academic work. Furthermore, students had input to share and discuss their tips and tricks on how they handle their studies. Upon successful completion of the seminar participants were provided with certificates.

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