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The essence of the new concept is the manipulation of mass consciousness – cynical and shameless propaganda, focused on the emotions and instinct of people. True, in such propaganda in the last place. If it will be present in some propaganda event, then it is only in order to cause an emotional effect.

It seems that the authors of the concept have learned well the commandment of Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister of fascist Germany: “We are not seeking the truth, but the effect”. All propaganda activities over the past 2–3 months — publications on all Kabiri’s websites, his interview on the Iranian security services website TASNIM have one single goal – to provoke an emotional explosion. While an explosion of emotions, a person simply pushes away all doubts from himself and willingly believes in a lie, however vile it may be. And he is not at all interested in WHO IS the distributor of this lie and for what purpose he spreads it.

Two information fronts have been created on the basis of the new concept.


At a meeting at the headquarters of Kabiri was decided to remove the hated Dodojon from the political arena at any cost. While there is Dodojon, no one except us will believe in the deceitful image of our leader Muhiddin Kabiri. We create an image, and he destroys it with one blow. If we remove Dodojon, then the entire foreign opposition will be under our control. All means are good to combat Dodojon, but the most effective of them is a moral terror. Dodojon has health problems. He had heart surgery a few years ago. In addition, he is an emotional, and receptive. The campaign of slander, defamation, and offensive attacks will completely undermine his health. And he will shut up.

It is necessary to regularly distribute all kinds of fiction about him.

Dodojon sold himself to the government! He is an agent of the Tajik special services! Yatimov has recruited and bribed him long ago!

Dodojon went secretly to Dushanbe and met with the President! But he does not admit it!

He went to the OSCE summit from Berlin to Warsaw by car of the Embassy of Tajikistan!

Dodojon is an alcoholic! Besides, he suffers from a mental illness!

European Tajiks! Beware of Dodojon, take care! Avoid seeing him! He is an informant for the Tajik special services in Europe!

All these accusations are accompanied by an abuse, and sometimes by dirty obscene words.

More recently “loyal” to Dodojon Mirzo Salimpur on the website slyly, meanly, and cunningly launched a duck – Dodojon received a bag of money from the government. And you can not find fault with Mirzo. He has an ironclad excuse – the Tajik security services forced my brother to write a letter to me and this letter says that Dodojon received a bag of money from the government. I quoted my brother and nothing more. Dodojon is my mentor! He is mine – Ako (Brother)!

This publication was immediately shared on the Facebook pages of all Kabiri’s propagandists. How can you not remember the coarse Tajik proverb – sagbacha kalon kardam, az bandi poyam girift – I raised a puppy, but it bit my leg.

Dodojon was the first on the Internet to report good news – the trial run of the first unit of the “Roghun” hydropower plant was carried out on November 1. This information was gladly accepted by all – both supporters and opponents of the authorities, but not the ideologues of Kabiri. They gloating over Dodojon about this information, once again demonstrated their ugly moral character. “Did President Emomali Rahmon change his press secretary? Or did a new press secretary appear at the “Roghun” construction site?”.

“How could Mirzo Salimpur post this information of Dodojon on the “”?! He is the agent of the government! ”

I said above that false propaganda has more effect than true propaganda. Lies and slander gave the desired result. Even some of Dodojon’s friends believed in the legend “Dodojon is the agent of the government”. And through third parties passed him reproaches: “He is not ashamed!”, “We respected him so, but he!”, etc.

But Dodojon was silent for a long time. (I found out later that silence was his tactical move).

The great Russian commander Mikhail Kutuzov in the 1812 Patriotic War retreated for a long time before the invasion of Napoleon and even gave Moscow to him for plunder. Only in burning Moscow, Napoleon realized that he had suffered a shameful defeat. Something similar happened to Kabiri. It was at that moment when everyone around him was jubilant – “Dodojon is finished!”, and the publication of Kavanda (Woven Basket) comes on the Facebook in the Tajik language. (Facebook, November 1, Dodojon’s page). It was a crushing blow to the entire first front. And overnight, only ruins remained from this front. Sometimes, from some surviving trenches, weak shots from small-caliber weapons are heard, but the bullets do not reach Dodojon.

Kabiri shocked! On the first day, he sends Dodojon a request, a plea, and a demand to remove the publication. Dodojon sends messengers to a known place. During the following days, people around Kabiri regularly inform Dodojon about his state of mind. “He feels bad!”, “He is shocked!”, “He is delirious in a semi-conscious state!”

Finally gathering all his strength, he gives the command: “Fas!”. And a new wave of terror began against Dodojon, which turned into a new shame for Kabiri. When he comes to his senses, he orders to terminate terror and sends a new message to Dodojon: “I have nothing to do with it, it is they themselves, without my knowledge! I respect you a lot, Dodojon! Believe me!”

– I do not believe! – Dodojon answers and invites Kabiri to a duel according to the following scheme: my question – your answer and your question – my answer. Let the observers be two neutral people.

“Maydon az daler ast!” – “Arena for the brave!”.

Kabiri is silent to this day.

– This duel will never take place, – says Dodojon. – Kabiri is well aware of the consequences for him to meet with me face to face. I have not said everything about him yet.

Each paragraph of “Kavanda” reveals meanness, duplicity, and cunning of Kabiri – this “politician” – a businessman. It turns out that the chairman of the opposition Islamic party was a freelance head of the department for work with religious organizations in the presidential administration in the recent past. He regularly reported to the National Security Committee on the situation in the party (headed by him), on the mood of party members, as well as on the degree of danger each of them for the authorities. And after another denunciation of his comrades-in-arms, he calmly, as if nothing had happened, discussed with them the current moment, the tactics and strategy of the party.

In response for such services, he was allowed to become one of the oligarchs in Tajikistan. One of the most profitable markets in Tursunzoda, designed in the name of his wife, a company for the production of toilet paper, a construction company belong to him. The business based on betrayal. Betray your colleagues and get rich! At that time it was not profitable for him to fight for human rights.

The questions of Dodojon in this publication are a blow to the face of Kabiri. These questions are still an obstacle to his airway. They do not allow him to breathe freely. He cannot answer to them, but to leave unanswered means to generate new questions. WHAT TO DO?! How he suffers not finding the answer to this question! Neither he nor his advisers know what to do.

“Why did most party functionaries go to jail, but Kabiri survived?”

“Who in the government six months before the coup attempt in September 2015 prompted Kabiri to take his business out of the country in advance? And not only business but all close and distant relatives?”

“Why was Kabiri silent for more than a year after his escape and was visiting Tajik embassies abroad, conducting secret talks there? Looking for ways of reconciliation or getting new “homework”?

After the defeat of the first front, the Kabiri’s propagandists changed their tactics for a time – they sometimes grit their teeth and praise Dodojon. “Learn how to write from Dodojon! – referring to the ideologists of the government, one of the political consultants of Kabiri writes on Facebook. – Come to him in Europe to study. I will give you money on travel expenses!”

And still, the fierce hatred of Dodojon haunts Kabiri’s servants. Because Dodojon does not allow them to reinforce the false image of the “great leader”. And they earn their daily bread by creating this image.

All street dogs have one thing in common – they bark at passers-by from afar, but they do not dare to come and bite them. But if scare these hungry dogs a little, they run away without stopping to bark. Dodojon and propagandists of Kabiri remind of just such a scene – a passer-by and a street dog. Seeing a passer-by, the dog barks. A passer-by or does not pay attention to the dog barking, or slightly scares it: “Off!”, “Get out!”. And the dog immediately rushes to the race, and at the same time does not stop barking.

And now the question on filling: Who said that one is not a warrior in the field? Here he is – the only warrior with his powerful army, a talented warlord. Both the army and the commander consist of one person — this is Dodojon. He is alone against the whole army of Kabiri’s informational fighters.

The first front is broken. The myth “Dodojon is the agent of the government” is destroyed. And to the question “WHAT TO DO?” is not answer. Bad for Muhiddin Kabiri!


Having suffered a shameful defeat on the first front, Kabiri can boast of temporary successes on the second front. Although these successes are deceptive and look like a house of cards — if you touch the house a little, it will be destroyed to smithereens.

The tasks of the second front are clearly marked and do not differ much from the tasks of the first front – to compromise the head of the special services in the eyes of the public of Tajikistan, to create in his person the image of Lavrentiy Beria in the Tajik version, the executioner, the guilty of the many victims.

At the same time incite President Emomali Rahmon and his family against him.

There is immediate raises question: why did namely S. Yatimov become the main target in the new information war? Kabiri’s propagandists themselves give the answer to this question. Yatimov is the government’s think tank! He is the support of the President! If to compromise Yatimov and secure his resignation, the power of Emomali Rahmon will weaken! Then it will be easier to deal with weakened power!

It was adopted another commandment of Joseph Goebbels in the Yatimov blackening campaign: “Than more monstrous the lie, the more willing the crowd will believe in it.”

“Saymumin Yatimov is an atheist! When his mother died, he forbade conducting a Muslim rite – janoza!”

“Yatimov is carrying out plans to commit a coup d’etat, to remove Emomali Rahmon and to take power into his own hands!”

Do not doubt! The crowd willingly believed in these and other false statements of the pen robbers!

But the most powerful blow to Yatimov is the lie of the colonel-impostor Mahmadali Rasulov, which has long since become true. In August of this year, his statement on the Internet about the alleged refusal to participate in the killing of Kabiri had the effect of exploding bombs. In a matter of days, several thousand views of Rasulov’s video on YouTube, dozens of shares on Facebook, a wave of disturbances in social networks, a feast among the Kabiri’s supporters. The lack of the reaction of the National Security Committee /NSC/ to a provocative statement made Rasulov a hero on social networks. And the statement itself has become a timeless material in anti-government propaganda.

How cannot to remember another brilliant saying of Joseph Goebbels: “A lie repeated a thousand times becomes true”. Today, no one doubts in the veracity of Rasulov’s statement.

“Yatimov sent a death squad to Europe! He wants to eliminate not only the Kabiri, but all his associates! Me too!”, – Temur Varaqi has been throwing such a tantrum on the Internet for 4 months. By the way, it is a powerful self-promotion. Temur is not intimidating! He is not afraid of death! He will not turn from his chosen path! He will continue to fight against the dictatorial regime!

Meanwhile, the “colonel” Rasulov could easily be exposed in a lie and disgraced along with Kabiri to the whole world the very next day.

The truth is so. In August 1997, Rasulov Mahmadali, after graduating from the two-year high school of the National Security Committee, began work in the information and analytical department with the rank of senior lieutenant. Career security officer he did not succeed. He was eager for operational work in the region, and, by his own admission, he was kept near the computer as a secretary. However, he was prepared as an analyst in the school of security officers. Six years later, in November 2003, Rasulov voluntarily was dismissed in the same rank. He moved to Russia, settled in Krasnoyarsk, acquired Russian citizenship. Here he creates a public organization to protect the rights of migrant workers. In fact, under the cover of this organization, he was engaged in fraud – collecting money from illiterate, powerless and defenseless migrants, allegedly for registration, employment assistance, and resolution of disputes with employers, etc. Of course, he did not solve anything. A group of Tajiks sued his organization. Before escaping to Europe, he was able to negotiate with the plaintiffs and open his way across the border.

Analyzing his position (no wonder he was taught the skills of analysis at the school of the NSC), he came to the conclusion that life in prosperity and without anxiety can be adjusted in Europe. And for this need to come up with something out of the ordinary, the Europeans, fanatically devoted to their values, to be dumbfounded and sheltered him without any bureaucratic obstacles. And he came up with a brilliant legend, after fifteen years, betraying himself, Retired Senior Lieutenant, Colonel of the National Security Committee of Tajikistan and one of the “participants of the operation” to eliminate Kabiri. And he loudly declared: “I will not participate in the killing of Kabiri! Conscience does not allow!”

Of course, this “special operation” on the organization of the new PR campaign was agreed in detail with Muhiddin Kabiri. Of course, not for free. Kabiri could not even dream of such invaluable material for creating the image of the hero. Moreover, after two PR campaigns, “Hamza” and “Shabnam” (details of these actions in my publication on the Facebook on August 14, 2018), he felt a taste – if from time to time there are promotions, petitions and other informational events on the Internet, people can gradually forget who is Muhiddin Kabiri really. And the forums “Dortmund-1”, “Dortmund-2” and “Warsaw-1”, “Warsaw-2”, where he disgraced the whole world, can be forgotten. All the attention of the Tajik society will be focused on the Tajik authorities.

Rasulov’s statement is a brilliant operation that made Kabiri a world-famous Internet hero. And this is a new investment of the Iranian owners in Kabiri’s pocket. I imagine how he took heart in order to once again demonstrate his importance to the owners! They want to kill me! Now you are convinced that I represent a threat to the authorities! I am the power! And I able to make a revolution in Tajikistan! And you for some time began to doubt me! Give more money!

These are such dividends for Kabiri should be expected from Rasulov’s statement, and not only. European intelligence services most likely believed in the truthfulness of Rasulov’s statement, and this greatly strengthened Kabiri’s position in Europe – he can live here without any anxiety as he pleases.

Rasulov also gets not fewer benefits. He showed himself as a talented person. He talentedly invented a legend and talentedly presented it, leaving no doubt to Internet users that he was telling the truth, and only for the sake of one goal – to achieve political asylum in well-fed Europe.

To the stable earnings of a political emigrant it is necessary to add a cash reward from Kabiri – after all, he, as a “colonel” of the National Security Committee, “ran over” personally to him and made him a hero.

The fighters from the government (mostly fake) are defending poorly on the new information front. Often they post on Facebook materials that have the opposite effect.

On the eve of the forum Dortmund-2, a scientist of the Academy of Sciences at the Facebook intimidated foreign Tajiks – who will attend this event will receive a prison sentence of five to eight years! This scientist can be safely enrolled in the group of propagandists of the Islamic party! For a long time, he became the hero of all Kabiri’s websites – “We are power!”, “The government is afraid of us!”, “The authorities are awaiting our forum in fear! And therefore they intimidate Tajiks living abroad!”

Probably, scientists of the Academy of Sciences have no time to do science, if they are attracted to work in which they do not understand anything. Scientists should be engaged in science, not propaganda. Personally, I would be twice glad if hundreds of Tajiks were present at the forum in Dortmund. Seeing, whom did the Kabiri gather around himself, they would have given themselves an oath never to contact him again.

In the spring of this year, being almost a month in Dushanbe, I got acquainted daily with government media. And I came to the sad conclusion – few people read government newspapers. They do not form public opinion. Once, visiting a friend, I picked up the latest issue of a government newspaper that was lying on his desk. As soon as I stumbled into reading the article under the heading TET (Tajik abbreviation –terrorism-extremism), a friend pulled out a newspaper from me and said: “Right there TET means nothing new, the same repeated stencil phrases on the same topic. When I see an article in the newspaper with the heading TET, I miss it. And in general, I advise you not to waste time on government newspapers. Want to learn something interesting in Tajikistan, read Asia Plus, USSR, Faraj, Samak, Tojikiston, Ozodagon, Minbari Khalq, Millat”.

The Internet is the main platform in the information war between the Tajik authorities and the Islamic party. This platform is used as much as possible by Kabiri’s propagandists, merging alternately both truth and lies. And in this interchange, it is not easy to distinguish a lie from the truth.

There is going a fierce struggle for the hearts and minds of people. Muhiddin Kabiri, must give him due, he realizes it. And do not spare money for this fight.

Are the government structures responsible for information policy aware of this truth? It is not an idle question.

P.S. Dissatisfaction with their leader within the exiled party is growing. More and more party members and those who joined them realize that the Alliance announced in Warsaw in September of this year is a soap bubble. “Alliance” is self-deception and deception of sponsors in order not to lose funding. The people who signed this agreement do not represent anyone but themselves.

Amrullohi Nizom on the Facebook called the “Alliance” a dead organization and urged to read a farewell prayer (janoza) on it.

Muhiddin himself is aware of this deception and self-deception better than all of his associates. At one of the meetings, he expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of funding from the Iranian authorities. The government of Hassan Rouhani is greedy, and therefore it is necessary to look for new sponsors, – he declared.

Time will tell whether Iran will continue to finance Kabiri, and whether it will find new sponsors.

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