Issues of Higher Education in Tajikistan

Возможно, это изображение (Qosimjon Mukhtorov и в помещении)It is difficult to recruit talented school leavers to continue their studies at home country. However, I have tried to raise this issue together with the school leavers of Goethe Lyceum and Paymoni Azizon. Sadly from the first school from 20-22 students only 2 of them have a desire to pursue a degree in Tajikistan, in the second school numbers were a bit more positive. Today within the UNICAC project I was speaking about the issues of Higher Education in Tajikistan, particularly about the challenges and problems of Internationalisation of teaching,Возможно, это изображение (2 человека, в том числе Qosimjon Mukhtorov, люди сидят, люди стоят и в помещении) learning and research. It was quite a long presentation, I was happy to share it with my colleagues. But I want to touch here about one little word – “TRUST”! Unfortunately for many of our people, our Higher education institutions aren’t credible. We as a university still tackle with thoughts or maybe stereotypes about doubt in receiving qualitative education at home. Things are changing, what we are trying and focusing on at the Institute of Economy and Trade of TSUC – IET TSUC is to change these thoughts or stereotypes by offering qualitative education close enough to international standards, assure relevant education, apply interactive ways of teaching and learning and provide a modern infrastructure. We care about the future of our youth, we want them to be great contributors to regional development, but we don’t want to let our talented youth leave a country. Our hard work on making better and qualitative education is continuing and every put effort for a single word – to earn your TRUST! So you can make the right decision in selecting your alma-mater!

Возможно, это изображение (в помещении)

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