Iran will never calm down

The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the few closest countries that constantly interfere in the internal policy of the Republic of Tajikistan. Earlier these interventions, especially in connection with the policy and the madhabs, were obvious, but recently there were events in Tajikistan, during the investigation of which the “Iranian hand” was revealed. The establishment and patronage of the banned in Tajikistan Islamic renaissance party under the guise of “humanitarian assistance”, the forced conversion of people in need to the Shiite madhab, the admission of young people in Iran with the aim of “educating” them and using them in terrorist acts, ordering murders of well-known personalities and the like are part of large-scale programs that began to be realized since Tajikistan gained state independence.

– Recently, there have been claims regarding the above-mentioned events that there are fictions and “false accusations” against the banned in Tajikistan Islamic renaissance party and its patronage by the Islamic Republic of Iran. What do you think of this, how well-reasoned are the accusations made against this party and its patrons?
– In my opinion, in order to specify the aspects of this topic, we must remember that when we talk about the goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran, about “Iranian programs” or “Iranian hand”, we do not mean the people of Iran. Most of residents of this country, who do not perceive the policy of their government themselves and are already on the eve of the uprising against the akhund government and, if necessary, commit it, never support that their country has bad relations with Tajikistan. There many people are dissatisfied with the fact that the current government has spoiled relations with Dushanbe precisely in its madhabis and ideological interests. That is, the freedom-loving people of this country, like all peace-loving peoples, always oppose terror and terrorism. But the government that is willing to take the last piece of bread from its people and give it to banned terrorist organizations, which creates terrorist camps in other states at the expense of its taxpayers, has no future. And today, and in the historical perspective, the dirty trace of such governments will visibly glimpse. Free-thinking citizens of Iran realize this entirely well, and therefore express dissatisfaction with the government’s activities. Protest rallies of recent times are a strong proof.
When it comes to the establishment of the banned in Tajikistan Islamic renaissance party and the financial and ideological support of Iran, it seems important that the culmination of these political games is aimed at implementing its secret projects. Until recent years, against the backdrop of these political games, conducted from Tehran in the hope that eventually Tehran will cease behind-the-scenes intrigues and annul its plans, Tajikistan took the position of self-defense. The patience of Tajikistan came to an end after the events of September 2015 and December of the same year Tajikistan was forced to officially declare: hands off Tajikistan, respect the values of its people.
– What can you say about the videos that have recently been disseminated by members of the TEO IRP? How truthfully do they reflect reality?
– History will put end to all. Even after two decades after the end of the civil war, the ominous facts covered by the veil of secrecy are revealed through the mouths of living witnesses. For example, the statement that Ayomiddin Sattorov made in the documentary film “Return from hell” cannot be refuted by evidence, since A. Sattorov was one of the main founders of the IRP and knows all the ins and outs of its activities. But unlike those who now publicly renounce the IRP, he openly and directly told about his activities and other party members and foreign patrons of this terrorist organization. Prior to this, such revelations were made by Qiyomiddin Ghozi.
They told the whole truth, although they know that with what contempt they were treated at Homeland and even cursed by their compatriots. However, there is one subtle nuance here. Judge for yourself, then what Ghozi and Ayomiddin talked about for a long time was written in the press, in separate books, but no one questioned them. But when the exposing videos of the repentant party members spread, the leaders of the IRP and their henchmen began spreading rumors that this was done “under pressure”. For example, to what Ghozi said in his “Invisible roots”, and then confirmed in various interviews, no one made claims to him, and even vice versa, some of renaissances regarded it as heroism. And now, when the earth is burning under them, they loudly accuse Ghozi of slander, and the government – in violence.
I do not think that the confessions of Ghozi and Ayomiddin are random. On the one hand, everyone knows that people in their old age usually repent of their sins. But on the other hand, the appeals of Ghozi and Ayomiddin show that they are haunted by a ghost – a fear of an attempt on the part of the secret services of their former patrons. We must admit the fact that they and the people like them can be the object of revenge for disclosing behind-the-scenes secrets. In fact, they did not say anything new, because the people of Tajikistan for a long time already know for what purpose the IRP was created, why they imposed war, what goals are pursued by the renaissances and their patrons… But on the other hand, statements of live witnesses of the events of those years, their disclosure of specific facts, and their confessions caused interest among our residents and the world community.
Iran’s active support for the TEO IRP in the Western countries, financing the propaganda and information activities of this terrorist organization leave no doubt that Iran is not going to calm down in relation to Tajikistan. And still does not want to believe that this terrorist organization and its disgraced leaders are now nothing more than “political corpses”. Continuing its relationship with the IRP, Iran will certainly disgrace itself.
– Why do you think that these events prompted the bodies of Tajikistan to take measures to stop the activity of the TEO IRP?
– Because, namely these events showed the true face of the post-war IRP to Tajik society and the whole world. If, after these events, there were no open conversations between the runaway leader of this party and the high-ranking Iranian authorities and their photos had not been allowed to the media, it might not have come to such conclusions. In other words, if we check the cycle of events after September 2015 to this day, we can make such a conclusion.
On the other hand, besides the murders of Saif Rahimzod, Muhammad Osimi, Otakhon Latifi, Muhiddin Olimpur, Karim Yuldoshev, Minkhoj Ghulomov, Yusuf Ishoqi, Safarali Kenjaev, Moyonsho Nazarshoev, Nurullo Huvaidulloev, Davlatali Rahmonaliev, Murodullo Sheralizoda, Aynullo Nematov, Habib Sanginov and others, the members of the IRP committed more than 550 serious and particularly serious crimes, including murder, rape, terrorism, banditry, organization of the criminal community, organization of armed groups, robbery, seizure of power, armed rebellion, etc. Most of the crimes were already committed in peacetime.
In addition, according to statistics, more than 800 members of the IRP were detained for their links with terrorist and extremist organizations. IRP has sent more than 1,000 people to terrorist and extremist bases for terrorist-extremist training.
In other words, the IRP during the September events of 2015 showed that it has become a serious threat to the entire region. These events were a warning for the bodies of Tajikistan to quickly block the way of renaissances.
– Passion for power or political forces, i.e. what? As far as we know, the leaders of the IRP always under the guise of “serving the state and the people” said that they do not have the goal of seizing political power.
– The banned in Tajikistan Islamic renaissance party like any terrorist organization from the very beginning had a goal to come to power in Tajikistan. This cannot be denied. In particular, the same events of September 2015 were committed precisely for this purpose, that is, another attempt to seize political power by armed means. The first attempt was made in 1992-1997, which culminated in the death of 150,000 Tajik citizens, at that time the government of Tajikistan to prevent the continuation of the bloodshed of the population agreed to give part of the power to the opposition forces.
Surprisingly, these same renaissances received positions and ended the war. Correctly, peace and stability were the dream of the majority of the people, but those who demanded too much showed that they fought for positions.
Even the founder of IRP Said Abdullo Nuri recognized the seizure of political power in Tajikistan, but he never hoped that the renaissances would be able to do something for the development of Tajikistan. I think many remember his famous expression, which he said shortly before his death: “If the party in its current state, which it has, comes to power, it will disgrace both Islam and the nation”. Look, this party not only did not come to power, but even with two seats in the parliament, disgraced the party, Islam and the nation.
This situation has led to dissatisfaction of the trustees of the IRP – the top leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the leadership of the IRP. The tops of this organization are scattered in many combat regions and other developed countries of the world, especially in Europe. From this point of view, the IRP is related not only to Tajikistan, it poses a threat to the entire world community. True, from the political point of view and claims to seizure of power in Tajikistan, this party poses no threat, but from the point of view of the citizens security, this threat can be felt at every step. The terrorist act against foreign tourists in Danghara proves the abovementioned.
In general, Tajikistan managed to convey to the world community in a short period that the IRP is terrorism and extremism, it is war and bloodshed. Thus, there were organizations such as the CIS and the SCO, which confirmed it.
– But many believe that Iran often abuses, allegedly, its dominant force in the region…
– And that’s right, Tehran wants to intimidate the countries of the region and sow instability. It is known that they have interest in the region and they hold the map of Kabiri to exert pressure on Tajikistan. In other words, Iran deliberately neglected the interests of Tajikistan. By these actions, Iran shows that it does not intend to abandon its intentions and will not refuse, along with the banned renaissance, making itself an enemy for the 10 million people of Tajikistan and the Tajiks in the whole world. On the other hand, Tehran, which crashed in most of its world and regional battles for the power, or its mystery of the patronage of world terrorism has been revealed, has no choice but to occupy Dushanbe with a fight against the IRP and carry out an information war.
But we should not forget that today’s Tajikistan is not Tajikistan of the nineties of the last century – in terms of political position, economic programs and issues related to internal security.
Starting with membership in authoritative world and regional organizations – the UN, OSCE, CSTO, SCO, CIS and world-class initiatives, our country has strengthened its positions. Kabiri and his terrorist organization can never become an instrument for intimidating or exerting pressure.
In the centers in Tehran, where decisions are made, must realize that it is time to stop the financial and ideological care of this terrorist organization. I think this factor – the cessation of patronage and the recognition of the IRP as a terrorist organization – can revive the hope for improving relations between Dushanbe and Tehran. Otherwise, Iran will not be able to restore lost positions as a great and peace-loving power, not only in Tajikistan, but in most countries of the region. Thus, it will continue its activities in the field of financing terrorism and erecting terrorist bases and deteriorating relations and will be presented as a terrorist state. This is reality.

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