Interview for the shortlisted candidates for the Erasmus+ ICM 2025

Interview Date: 30/03/2024
The International Centre and Global Engagement is pleased to announce the shortlisted candidates for the Erasmus+ ICM 2025 interview at the University of Cantabria.
The independent selection committee was pleased to read your applications and carefully evaluated each one of them. The Commission was impressed by the quality of the documents submitted, however, as this is a competition, the Commission made a decision on the shortlisted candidates.
For those who did not make the shortlist, we encourage you to apply again in future calls, as more than half of the finalists are returning applicants.
Congratulations to the shortlisted candidates and we look forward to interviewing you. Please note that selected candidates should bring the printed version of their CV and motivation letter to the interview.
IMPORTANT! The ranking in the list is in alphabetical order. It does not reflect any scores or preferences of the candidates.

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