Exchange students of IET TSUC sharing their experience with the Erasmus+ program

  On the World Erasmus Day, the Institute provided constructive feedback on the framework of Erasmus program, its mission and goals and opportunities to study to a broad. The Erasmus program allows you to continue your studies abroad in a famous Universities. Several of our students have studied at Europe Universities and shared their experiences, feelings and opportunities to study with the Erasmus+ program.

Mahmudjon Boymatov, 3rd year World Economy student at IETTSUC sharing his experience as an Erasmus student at Universidad de Cantabria UC Exchange students.
Erasmus gave me the most memorable period of life in my 20s. Lots of new friends, lots of wonderful memories, a great experience, and most importantly, I realized that there is so much unseen and undiscovered in this world that I have got a huge motivation to study, travel, and enjoy every moment.
Erasmus + gave me the opportunity to learn from highly qualified professors and study with the most ambitious people from all over the world.
Despite the pandemic all over the world, I still have a lot of impressions. I can imagine how many things could have happened if there was no quarantine. Therefore, I would like to advise all students who read this, do not miss the chance to study abroad that our University and the Erasmus program provides.

Khusrav Mamadjonov, 3rd year student at Institute of Economy and Trade of TSUC.
Erasmus is a once in a lifetime experience you will never forget, so make the most out of it, and do what you really feel like doing! I was absolutely amazed by the vibe of the city of Santander! Old Spanish architecture, ocean, its culture and the citizens make Santander one of the best cities I know.
Even during lockdown due to Coronavirus pandemic I could have a great time! I can surely say it was of the best experiences in my life.

Bahrulloi Sanginzoda, 4th year World Economy student Erasmus exchange student at Universidad de Cantabria.
Erasmus is not just a year overseas but it`s a life within the university year where you make a lot of friends from different parts of the world, become familiar with other cultures and learn foreign languages.  Joining Erasmus+ program and studying one semester at University of Cantabria was one of the best period in my student life. I gained new experience not only regarding my field of study but also in all life aspects. Erasmus+ made me open-minded, gave me chance to widen my knowledge and look to things that happen in different point of view. These experiences will always be forever a part of my life.

Samadova Rohatjon, 3rd year Business Administration student, Erasmus exchange student at Universidad de Cantabria.
Rich history, sunny country, generous people, unforgettable impressions and vivid emotions! These are wonderful memories that I have left after my Erasmus experience in Spain. It gives us opportunity to get acquainted with the European education system, gain the experience of leading specialists and live with a Spanish family! All this thanks to the successful work of the international department of IET TSUC!


Manizha Nabieva,World Economy student at IET TSUC. Exchange student at University of Cordoba.
6- Months of studying in Spain as an Erasmus+ student, for me was unforgettable and full of true life. Before coming here I thought that this experience is more than I could ever expect. Well that’s true!Even we faced with COVID – 19 pandemic, that no one of us could ever think about it. Anyway I would never regret about the choice that I have made. I should accept and be honest – these months were for me one of the happiest part in my life when I really saw the world, people around me and myself. I met my truly friends and incredible flatmates. I want to say thank you for this time and for the moments we have gone through. At the end we feel happy not because of places or climate. We feel happy if we are with really good people. I think I was lucky to be with really amazing people.
Saidqosim Mukhtorov 2011-2012, Universitat Politècnica de València UPV, Erasmus alumna, Faculty of Business administration. Sharing thoughts about studying at UPV, Valencia, Spain.
“From participating in the TARGET project, I experienced the complexity of the European education system. I also learned that in Europe a student has to be more responsible and independent with their studies compared to my home country. I continued my education and work upon returning home and am delighted to have created a Spanish Language Learning Club to teach basic Spanish skills as well as practice my own. The exchange was a priceless experience that definitely opened my mind. I found a new person inside me who is creative, responsible, eager to learn, and has a new love for travel and the world around me. I am so thankful for the TARGET project and hope everyone given an opportunity like this takes every advantage of it.”

Fakhriddin Farrukhzoda, 3rd year World Economy student, University of Cordoba, Spain Erasmus+ alumna, Erasmus program is a great opportunity for students to change their outlook, meet new cultures and increase knowledge.
I did my Erasmus in Cordoba, Spain. It was unforgettable time; Cordoba is really beautiful city with great history. I made many friends from different countries, spent half year of my life with them. New cultures, new feelings and excitements.  Erasmus once – Erasmus forever!


Alivea Mavzuna, Student of the 4th year, World Economy department IET TSUC. Erasmus alumna of Gedik University, Istanbul Turkey .

Study аbroad with Erasmus+ program it hаs bееn my primary gоal fоr а long time. I аm very grateful to my IET TSUC that gave me a great chance to achieve my long awaited dreams. I cаn frankly say that Erasmus+ gave me an unforgettable student life and the great opportunity in order to have a valuable experience with an amazing adventure during spread of COVID-19, like I learnt new way of thinking, of course I improved my English , it helped me to bеcame оpеn-mindеd, because I have met and made friendship with students who have various perceptions and opinions from me. Also Erasmus life taught me how to become strong and independent person. Bеside study I had a chance to volunteered in the Forum Leader Model United Nations (FLMUN). My great wish to everyone don’t waste your time, be self-confident. Don’t miss this great opportunity, and try an exchange student life with Erasmus+ program. Everything is possible in life, therefore my advice from the bottom of my heart for all of you don’t be shy because as you we also started in the equal places. Wisely use your student life and try a huge opportunity. Good luck to everyone in your forward study.

Faridun Tojiev, 4th year World Economy student, University of Cordoba, Spain Erasmus+ alumna.
The Erasmus+ program gives students to find their strong qualities and teaches leadership. This is a wonderful chance to learn different cultures and study world languages. Thanks to the EU for support. Erasmus+ students will be so motivated that this will totaly change their future life. Erasmus gives new friends, new knowledge and great motivation!


Ochilov Marufjon, 4th year World Economy student, University of Cordoba, Spain Erasmus+alumna «Erasmus is not one year in life, but life in one year». It’s not just a words. Erasmus changed my life. You could say that I became Spanish in a way. The program helped me not in just fulfilling my dreams, but also, living beyond them.

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