Virtual meetings within UNICAC projects.

First VM – 5th March 2020.
All the participants presented they local working groups:
– Khujand: three local universities, collect their ideas, from IET TSUC team.
– NUUZ team international office group
– TUIT working group from international office
– XIU : international office team 6 persons
– NWAFU : approve teaching methods
The participants introduced their group works about the wishes and aims for internationalization – the tables can be found in UNICAC Teamwork

In the second of Virtual meetings  we were talking about gaps and solutions of T/L/R internationalization. Saidqosim Mukhtorov presented an overview of this task for the IET TSUC and it’s workgroup.
Tiina W. has introduced Padlet and Mentimeter as online co-operation tools and Tiina’s Padlet Wall was used for sharing gaps and solutions for internationalization of T/L/R.

 Discussing and working on Internationalization in Teaching, Learning and Research. In the 3rd Vm we shortly talked about project practicalities and future workshop plans as well as PhD tutoring with Beatriz from Incoma. Minttu informed about EForm for PhD needs (to be filled by all European and non-European partners). Also WP 3.1.3 home task revisited : “Synergies and patterns to boost international co-operation in Teaching/Learning/Research”. Saidqosim Mukhtorov has presented the work done by the IET TSUC UNICAC workgroup on WP3. Hometask for the next zoom meeting on 8.6.2020 presented: Knowledge transfer in T/L/R based on synergies and patterns to boost international co-operation in T/L/R. Request was made by Tiina for all the partners to provide short success stories about internationalization development for Best Practices Manual. 

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