Business Opportunities Development

We are glad to have an online meeting with Mrs. Sharon R. Scannell from ODU! On December 22nd in the International Center office we had a presentation by Mrs. Scannell about the business development opportunities. In the beginning of the seminar Director of the IET TSUC – Hoshimzoda Homid Hasan had an opening speech and expressed the aim to continue bilateral cooperation with ODU.

The online meeting was joint by World Economy Department lecturers and students. It was a great chance for students to improve their business ideas and start-ups, especially after having a pitching in Startup-Choickhona project. Mrs. Sharon explained about NABC (Need Approach Benefit Competition) method, customer discovery and business modeling approaches. Canvas business model was very interesting for our students, as this model is now getting famous in Tajikistan. It was a great opportunity for both students and teachers: for students to use canvas model properly and for lecturers to gain effective methods of canvas explanation. In the final part of the meeting our students expressed their desire to listen more about marketing segmentation and shaping the budget of start-ups for pitching.

We are grateful to Mrs. Sharon R. Scannell for agreement about having next online meeting about the themes that our students would like to know more about. Also, our special thanks to Mrs. Sharon for today`s presentation, despite the time zone differences Tajikistan and USA are located, she shared a lot of useful information with us, however, it was a midnight in the US.


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