Benchmarking Best Study Supporting Practices in the EU Region

On the continuation of the seminars for PhD students in the framework of the UNICAC project. The
seminar titled “Benchmarking Best Study Supporting Practices in the EU Region” was delivered by the
PhD Tiina Wikström from the Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland). The participants got an
insight of the study supporting practices for a PhD student in the EU, particularly in the University of the

На изображении может находиться: 1 человек, текст «Benchmarking Best Study Supporting Practices in the EU European Region UNICAC BEST PRACTICES AND SUCCESS PRINCIPLES FOR PHD STUDENTS (BY EUROSCIENTIST, MODIFIED): If possible, become a reviewer for conferences and journals -> access to the latest research in your field before it is published Read other Theses for structure, ideas, sources etc. Keep mentally and physically fit; a balanced minimize psychological strain Ta tRaty Mohinav Ghafur... try to Shuo Feng Co-funded the Erasmus+ Programme Euro Scientist funded communication] reflects he Zhang JU support from the European Commission. This publication the author,»На изображении может находиться: 2 человека

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