WANTED. The General Prosecutor’s Office Informs

DUSHANBE, 15.10.2020 (NIAT Khovar) – Muhammadikbol Saduridinov embezzled $430,000 by his fraudulent actions and caused significant economic damage to citizens, reports the Press Center of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Kabutov Nematullo Badriddinovich, Kholov Siyovush Imomkulovich and Kayumov Nosihiddin Sharifovich appealed to the authorities with a complaint about the fraudulent actions of the 42-year-old Saduridinov.

As a result of their complaint, it was established that in May 2010 in Duabi, in the presence of M. Davronov, H. Erkinov and a Kyrgyz citizen C. Shermatov, by fraud, abuse of trust, citing stories from the Koran and hadiths of the prophets of Islam, Saduridinov received $130,000 from Kabutov, $120,000 from Kholovm and $180,000 rom Kayumov, totalling $430,000, with the promise of monthy reimbursement from 10% through 12% of the amounts borrowed from them.

In order to gain trust, Saduridinov returned 5-6% of the amount paid for the first two months, thereafter telling Kabutov, Kholov and Kayumov false information about his alleged bankruptcy, cited various excuses. In November 2010 he finally fled from Dubai to Bishkek, and from there to Europe, where he is still located.

“While considering the fact that Saduridinov’s actions contain signs of a crime under Article 247 Part 4 (fraud involving damage on a large scale) of the Criminal Code, a criminal case has been filed against him, he has been put on the official wanted list. An investigation is underway,” reads the message of the Press Center of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Citizens who have suffered from Saduridinov’s fraudulent actionts or suffered damage can contact the General Prosecutor’s Office of Tajikistan.

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