Renaissances – Part of ISIS?!

As you know, the OSCE annual forum on human dimensions and human rights was held in Warsaw from September 16 through September 26. At its first day, the so-called representatives of the Tajik opposition (in fact, they are not the opposition) were proud of their presence at the forum.

Since I knew from the very beginning about these demagogues who sell themselves and do not believe in God, I immediately realized that such a rude manner was caused only by the desire to calm their hearts, filled with hatred and anger. On the other hand, they must report to their owners for each cent and Euro spent by them, and clear their way for further activities on receiving grants.
From an interview with the political scientist, Advisor to the Director of the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of Tajikistan Abdullo Rahnamo with the correspondent of ‘Tojikiston’ newspaper (No. 41 dated October 9, 2019), who was a member of the state delegation at the forum, I was completely sure that the opposition group, “looking for negotiation opportunities”, is just a group of lost and separated people who repented of their deeds and are looking for ways to negotiate.
During the interview, Abdullo Rahnamo objectively revealed their inside and essence, came to the conclusion that “the opposition is not part of negotiations. Yes, this is a bunch of ignoramuses, dejected and helpful people who keep only swear words in their hearts. Is it possible to sit down at the negotiating table with such a contingent? Never! Despite the fact that they consider themselves experts in the Islamic world, in fact their rude behavior and attitude towards others indicates that they are just a toy in the wrong hands.
This insidious and cunning bunch probably forgot that once their comrades-in-arms, using other people’s weapons, destroyed thousands of Tajik homes, killed young people, and made refugees hundreds of thousands of our compatriots. If the Head of State had not called for peace and stability, these militants today would have fought as part of ISIS and the Taliban. The leaders of renaissance, on the recommendation of their owners, intended to abuse the presence of refugees in Afghanistan, but the collective return of Tajik refugees, which was implemented on the initiative of the Leader of the Nation, caused damage to the insidious designs of the militant opposition.
One opposition member Shohnaim Karim (Kuzov) in a talk with one of the former renaissance members, who returned to homeland, said that they have firm intentions and, if necessary, they can force the government of Tajikistan to sit at the negotiating table. From these words of the bloodthirsty renaissance, it becomes clear that this heap is still hungry for blood and intends to drown Tajikistan in the blood. But they don’t know one thing: with such bloodthirstiness, they will drown in their own blood, because one who digs a hole for another will inevitably one day fall into it. This is not foresight, but the fruits of bitter experience, for one who wishes evil to another will never reach the goal.
Probably Shohnaim, other renaissance leaders and their followers, who are 10-12 people, rely on sabotage groups fighting in Afghanistan – on the Taliban and the so-called Islamic state?! Yes, there is no doubt, because this handful, which has declared itself an opposition and is hiding under the hem of its eastern and western masters, is part of the Islamic state and the Taliban. In general, any organization and radical Islamic movement that exists in the world, in any case, supports ISIS.
A few years ago I went to Pakistan to attend a conference on international terrorism. Following the conference, one Pakistani analyst (at his request I don’t name him), who was well acquainted with the political situation in Tajikistan and the activities of the Islamic Renaissance Party (IRP), told me in private conversation an interesting fact: in his opinion, a plan to create an Islamic state was developed a few years ago in Pakistan at the suggestion and recommendation of Osama bin Laden. According to the plan, the residence of this terrorist organization was to be located not in Syria, but in Tajik and Afghan Badakhshan, and Afghanistan, Pakistan and Chinese Uyghur were supposed to support the creators of the Islamic state.
When a civil war broke out in Tajikistan, most people know that the militants of Gulbuddin Hikmatyor, mercenaries Juma Namangoni and Tohir Yuldoshev (Uzbek citizens) were opposition commanders who killed everyone in a row in Vakhsh area. At that time, the leaders of the Tajik and Afghan renaissance forces, representatives of Osama bin Laden even developed a plan to accommodate Tajik refugees in Afghanistan and their use as a human shield. Subsequent events proceeded according to the developed plans of the renaissances and their owners: the Vakhsh population crossed the Pyanj River and chose the territory of Afghanistan as their safe refuge. Former refugees told that the IRP’s leaders and activists were greeted by representatives of al-Qaida with the flag of a terrorist organization. Later, training and military exercises for IRP’s sabotage militants began in the training camps of Pakistan.
Following the talk, a Pakistani analyst noted that thanks to the initiatives of the Head of the Tajik State, an Agreement on Peace and National Accord was signed, which undermined the foundations of the insidious intentions of the IRP and its owners.
Of course, one can agree with the words of a Pakistani analyst, because although, on the one hand, the opposition presents itself to the world community as a peacemaker, on the other hand, from their masters intending to create an Islamic state, they received a mission, money and had the goal of creating in Tajikistan and Afghanistan a stable Islamic state base. Indeed, the ungrateful opposition during the period of establishing peace and accord put on a mask of piety, although by their words and behavior it was clear that they were not going to do good to the people and the country.
After the passage of time, we saw with our own eyes what intrigues renaissances led by the greedy and cunning Kabiri can weave. They say that thieves and fallen women are most proud of themselves. Kabiri and a handful of his followers turned social networks, especially Facebook and their dirty sites into a platform of intrigue, comforting their hearts. They howl like mad dogs and hungry wolves from morning till night. Yes, their howl comes from fear for their own skin, and nothing more!
In conclusion, I again return to the words of a Pakistani analyst: the renaissances are part of the ISIS wing. If so, then we can agree with the proposal of Abdullo Rahnamo to create a platform to combat the phenomena of extremism. I am sure that the joint voice of every patriot who cares about their homeland will nullify the dirty intentions of the enemies.

Zubayri Bakhtovar,

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