Closing Ceremony of the 15th “Chinese Bridge” Online Seminar of Chinese Language + Culture Learning Shenyang Normal University.

From 15 to 28 September 2023, IET students completed the free online of Chinese Language and Culture seminar “China Bridge” 2023. The online course was organized by IET TSUC’s international partner, Shenyang Normal University (SHNU).

During the course, students had the opportunity to improve their Chinese language skills, understand the intricacies of Chinese culture and communicate with native speakers. As part of the online lessons, students were exposed to video presentations by trained teachers from Shenyang Normal University. Topics covered included spelling and grammar, music, Chinese food and a wide range of useful Chinese vocabulary.

Ms Wan Rui from Shenyang Normal University summarized the Chinese Bridge seminar on learning Chinese language and culture. She mentioned the importance of international cooperation in promoting co-teaching and co-learning. It was a pleasure to see our student Ganiev Rahimjon assisting the seminar leader, Ms Li Xiaoyi. Under her guidance, our students are learning not only Chinese language, but also official protocol, ethics and cultural issues.

Later, S. Mukhtorov had the privilege of giving a speech of thanks at the closing ceremony of Chinese Bridge organised by SHNU. According to student evaluations, the online course was useful and provided the opportunity to communicate with native speakers, which is particularly important for language learners. Our exchange students Rahimjon Ganiev and Mirzosharif Mirzosaidov also shared their experiences and gratitude to the organizers.

From IET TSUC, participants Jamolova Farzonakhon and Asliddinova Suman expressed their strong will to learn Chinese and continue their Chinese studies as exchange students at SHNU. They also noted that “ten days of online learning has helped us to have a better understanding of the Chinese language, their culture and Chinese folk music”. They expressed their gratitude to all the teachers for their great contribution to each and every student.


It is worth noting that this is the second consecutive year that IET TSUC has conducted online Chinese language courses with Chinese partners.

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