The Institute of Economy and Trade of Tajik State University of Commerce signed a cooperation agreement with Xi’an Technological University!

On September 18, 2023, a delegation of our institute, led by the head of the Investment and State Property Management Department of the executive body of the government of Sughd region, Sharifjon Nasimovich Akhmedov, and the director of the institute, Hoshimzoda Homid Hasan, visited Xi’an Technological University. For our institute, this is the fifth partner university from Shaanxi province of the People’s Republic of China. During the meeting, the rector of the university, Professor Liu Yun He, expressed the readiness of the parties to establish cooperation relations. Professor Liu Yun He noted that in order to advance this new partnership, it is necessary to start the exchange of teachers and students, so that our relations will become stronger, and further scientific and research works and various joint projects will be developed from these academic exchanges. The director of the institute, Hoshimzoda Homid Hasan, told about the activity of our institute, the direction of internationalization and our scientific directions, and noted the basis of partnership between the two universities. One of these areas is Information and Communication Technologies, which Xi’an University of Technology is a leader in. The director of the institute, associate professor Hoshimzoda Homid Hasan, spoke about the transition to the digital economy and the need for ICT specialists in the current conditions of Tajikistan. After the meeting with the rector of the university, introductory presentations were held with the schools of economics, information technology and artificial intelligence, and water resources management.

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