About department Economy and Entrepreneurship

The department of economics and entrepreneurship was created in 2002 on the basis of economic disciplines. The head of the department is Komarova G.B.
total amount of staff – 22
of them
2 part-time person (from outside)
2 part-time (inside)
Of them candidates of science, docents:
Full time – 8
Docents – 6
c.e.s., senior lecturers – 2
senior lecturers -6
Assistants – 7
Full time – 5
Part-time – 2
laboratory assistant -1
The methodical work is conducted on the basis of working plan of the department, methodical seminar of the department, individual schedules of professors which are composed
Material and technical basis
The department owns 3 auditoriums, 3 computers, 2 laptops, 2 offices. Scientific and research work is main part of institute’s professional activity.
The research activity is aimed to resolve the common problem “Improving the efficiency of functioning domestic entities of regional economy, their competitiveness in the condition of economic relations’ transformation”.
According to common problem specific topics for the research work of each professor, are defined.
The results of the work done are reflected in articles, reports and scientific conferences, publications in scientific journals, bulletins of scientific articles of various publications, both republican, regional and international level, when writing candidate’s and master’s theses.

Methodical work

         The main task of methodical work at the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship is to raise the level of pedagogical skills and professional qualification of teaching staff.
Methodical work is carried out on the basis of the department’s work plan, methodical seminar of the department, individual plans of professors, compiled for the academic year.
Methodical work of the department is coordinated by the Methodological Council (headed by Senior Lecturer Aliyeva G.I.) and subject commissions. 10 meetings were held, 10 reports were heard and discussed throughout the academic year.
Throughout the year, in Board work, actively participated Komarova G.B., Karimov G.Yu., Nabieva A.Ya., Khomutova L.F., Umarov U.H., Ishanova U.U., Sadriddinov A., etc.

Session of education – methodical seminar of the department

The teaching staff of the department works on problems of improving the quality of teaching special disciplines, individual work of students, organization of students’ knowledge control , application of active teaching methods. The exchange of pedagogical work experience and the provision of methodological assistance to young teachers is carried out through mutual visits of training sessions.
Special attention is given to methodical support of educational process. With this aim teaching staff of the department develops syllabuses, working plans, tasks for individual student works, teaching aids, methodical recommendations for writing course works, control works, individual assignments, visual aids, and the program of industrial internship for a specialty 25010700 is developed.
Following teaching materials have been developed and published:
The economics of enterprise (second edition) – Komarova G.B.
The economy of trade – Komarova G.B., Ahmedova N.A.,
Economic analysis – Komarova G.B., Tursunov A.H., Yakubova N.Ya.,
Statistics – Juraev J.B., Komarova G.B., Buzrukova S.F.,
Main issues of taxation – Komarova G.B., Tursunov A.H.,
Business fundamentals – Karimov I.I., Nazarov H.,
The economy of trade – Aminov I.A., Komarova G.B., Ahmedova N.A.,
Statistics – Ishonova U.U., Komarova G.B., Umarov Z.H., Alieva G.I.,
Econometrics – Karimov G.Yu., Usmonov H., etc.

State examinations

The department has developed 22 – methodical instructions for tests of part-time students, posters – 70 units, albums of visual aids for the academic disciplines ” The economics of enterprise “, “The economy of trade”.
At present, the department carries out purposeful work on the preparation for publication of textbooks in Tajik language:
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Docent Nabieva A.Ya. “The economy of trade”, Senior Lecturer Alieva G.I., Ishonova U.U., Nabieva A.Ya. “Economic analysis”.