A seminar on education reform, hosted by the Institute of Pedagogy at Shenyang Normal University

On 15 November, we held a seminar on education reform, hosted by the Institute of Pedagogy at Shenyang Normal University.
In the second half of the day, with the initiative of sub-alliance in law studies, IET TSUC and TSULBP participated in a seminar dedicated to law studies.
The seminar started with a welcome speech by Professor Yang Song, Rector of Shenyang Normal University. She mentioned the importance of international law and peer learning, sharing knowledge and experience in this field.

She congratulated IET TSUC and TSULBP for joining the Sub-Alliance in Law Studies. Professor Wan Xuwei, Dean of the College of Law, SNU, moderated a seminar and introduced Tojiboev Sherozjon, Dean of the Faculty of Law, TSULBP, and Saidqosim Mukhtorov, Head of the International Centre and Global Engagement.
Tojiboev Sherozjon presented the Faculty of Law of TSULBP, its programmes, research and teaching capacities. He told about its achievements, plans and willingness to cooperate with the Faculty of Law.

After that, Saidqosim Mukhtorov addressed all the students present at the seminar, emphasising the importance and relevance of their chosen major. He presented the general information about the Faculty of Business, Law and Customs of IET TSUC, the study programmes, achievements and invited to cooperate with the College of Law. He also shared the experience of implementing Jean Monnet projects in the field of competition law.
On 16 November, we visited the College of International Education, met with the Head of the Department of International Exchange and Cooperation, Dean of the College of International Education, Professor Zhang Wei, and discussed further cooperation between our universities.

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