General online meeting in the framework of UNICAC project.

On January 29th all UNICAC partners have met in a general online meeting organized by the Tashkent University of Information Technologies (TUIT). This meeting brought together UNICAC consortia to share ideas about WP5: The creation of a Cross-Regional Network for Internationalisation and Cooperation of HEIs. TUIT presented their initiative to create an International Scientific Advisory Board in the framework of this WP5.
“The Board’s key mission is to give its scientific opinions, strategic feedback on the major outlines of HEI’s science and education policy, such as the strategic plan, the development, and accreditation of educational programs as well the improvement of the education and research infrastructures including teaching lab and research centers.”
In turn, IET TSUC offered to build a platform that could serve as a medium for cooperation in various aspects of the teaching, learning, and research activity between all partners of the UNICAC, thereby facilitating further collaboration and supporting the sustainability of the project.

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