Erasmus Day at IET TSUC

On March 29, 2019, the Erasmus+ Day was held at the Institute of Economy and Trade of TSUC. All staff of the International Relations Department and a guest from the USA Professor Gilbert Douglas were attended this event. Discussing the Erasmus+ program, its mission, values, and what opportunities within the program, Head of the International Relations Department Saidqosim Mukhtorov has presented all Erasmus+ projects running at the IET TSUC.

After then the Erasmus + program alumnus in the 2021-2022 academic year Soliev Sheroz, Sattorov Suhrob, Sharipov Muhammadfarid, and others shared their unforgettable experiences gained from the University of Management in Varna (Bulgaria).

The interesting part was the presentation of the winners of ICM Erasmus+ who are currently studying at the University of Cantabria and the University of Cordoba (Spain). It was a great pleasure to watch a video message from our students from Spain.

The Erasmus + program alumnus noted: “The Erasmus + Exchange Program is one of the best opportunities for students to study abroad. Students were advised not to miss the opportunity to improve their knowledge and become participants in this program”.

Mukhtorov Saidqosim informed us about the new cooperation of the Institute with foreign universities, which in the future will sign more than 15 new projects.

Then the floor was given to the guest of the Institute, Professor Douglas Gilbert. In his speech he mentioned that “Students need to know their language and their profession at the highest level in order to succeed in the future.”

At the end the students had chance to Q&A with Erasmus+ program alumnus.

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